Report: Danielle Hunter isn’t happy with his contract

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There’s a risk to signing a great player quickly to a good-not-great contract. The player quickly may realize he’s underpaid.

That’s happened with Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter. According to Chad Graff of, Hunter isn’t happy with the contract he signed in 2018. He’s reportedly considering all options — holding out, seeking a trade, or hiring a new agent.

Hunter, since the posting of the article by Graff, has pledged public loyalty to his current agency. However, Hunter did not rule out a holdout or a trade demand.

For now, the frustrations have remained private. Per Graff, Hunter “has expressed his frustrations to multiple people,” as he considers his next move.

His deal averages $14.4 million per year. That amount became glaring when the Chargers signed pass rusher Joey Bosa to a deal worth $27 million per year last August.

Complicating matters is the neck injury that began as a “tweak” and ended with surgery that kept him from playing in 2020.

This isn’t an ideal year to be seeking more money, from the Vikings or anyone. The cap is significantly down, and there are plenty of pass rushers available. Shaq Barrett, the top guy in the free-agency class, is reportedly getting a base average of $17 million per year on his new deal with the Bucs, signed as the free-agency negotiating window opened.

Hunter’s best play could be to return in 2021, show that he’s still the guy he was, and then make a play for more.

30 responses to “Report: Danielle Hunter isn’t happy with his contract

  1. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. He’s the one player I was certain enjoyed playing for the Vikings just for the privilege.

  2. Yeah coming off missing an entire season due to injury and the lowered cap this is really the time you choose to make a stand? On a contract you only played out a year or two? Not the right time.

  3. His agent should be looking to get a new client. He OK’d the deal and signed it. The market is constantly shifting and he hasn’t outperformed his deal. His problem is that he’s got his eyes on other player’s money.

  4. “14 million isn’t enough.” LOL, if I had a 14 million dollar income I wouldn’t know what to do with all of it.

  5. What a clown, he got paid $14 million last year and didn’t even have to do anything. Didn’t even play a single down.

  6. Sounds like he’s getting paid about $14 million too much for keeping the bench warm

  7. Too bad Wilson or Watson don’t want to play for MN. A Cousins/Hunter/picks package deal could work.

  8. He sure was happy when the 3rd rounder signed this big contract before he fully proved himself.

  9. He didn’t play last year and the cap is down so it’s a silly time to ask for a massive raise. The Vikings should be tough with him and make him play 2021 under his current deal and then look at trading him in the offseason.

  10. Convert some of his $12.15 million base salary for this year into a signing bonus to reduce his $17.25 million cap hit and get him some more guaranteed money to pacify him for this year, then redo the deal next year after he’s shown he’s the same player and the salary cap allows for a bigger contract.

  11. Of course you don’t make $14m a year, you’re not a pro athlete. He should play a full season before asking for more money.

  12. I gotta take care of my family 14 mill isnt gonna do it for me. Trade him today for what ever you can get.

  13. The Vikes went through the same thing with Cook, and while there was much gnashing of teeth in MN and cries of glee from out east, things all worked out okay in the end. Normally, I’m on the players’ side in these deals since teams can just dump players when they don’t perform to contract levels; however, here Hunter has 3 years to go on his contract, didn’t play a down last year, and the Vikings have no practical cap space to renegotiate this year. It’s like Hunter’s camp has been living in a cave the last year. It would make more sense if this took place in 2022 after he established his health and the cap is about to rise with the big TV contracts. Spielman should promise him a big renegotiation mid-season or at season’s end if his neck holds up. And it is interesting to see cheesers focus on Cousins’ contract as Linsley signs with the Chargers.

  14. No GM in his right mind is going to give him a big contract until he proves he is back healthy with that neck injury that cost him the season. That is whether he resigns or is traded to another club. This a bunch of overblown hype just like last year when everyone was saying Dalvin Cook was going to holdout of camp. Never happened and Cook was later extended. The same will happen with Hunter. Come back, prove you can still play and Vikings will take care of you. They always do.

  15. Of course he isn’t.
    What ever happened to honoring your word? He must have been happy with it at some point in time, he signed it. Now all of the sudden, it’s not enough.
    Fine…cut him or trade him. Free up some cap space.

  16. stellarperformance says:
    March 15, 2021 at 4:24 pm
    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. He’s the one player I was certain enjoyed playing for the Vikings just for the privilege.


    I’m thinking he might want to go to Green Bay. He’s probably dying for the chance to play for a coach who at crunch time takes the game out of the QB’s hands and puts it on his D.

  17. Weird.
    And that Cheesy fat guy kept posting about Aaron Rodgers’ demands for a new contract that we still haven’t heard about. Go figure.

    And now Hunter’s complaining about his deal.
    It wasn’t such a well kept secret either.
    Hunter scrubbed his social media accounts of all Viking related material and has been actively liking tweets about forcing a trade (most recently with the Raiders) for a weeks now.

    And yes, all of this moaning and he missed an entire season for what his own coach characterized as a simple tweak of the neck.
    Soft much?

    Even if they can corral him back into the locker room, he’s going to be nothing but a festering cancer all season long.
    Grab your popcorn.
    You can be sure I will. 😉

  18. How much did he get paid per sack last year? I know he was out, but the point is, that he still got paid not to play, and needs to show he can still do it at a high level before they re negotiate his contract. He’s not at a point of leverage after a year out. Neck injuries can be tricky and have long lasting effects on playing ability.

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