Report: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington agree to one-year, $10 million deal

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Ryan Fitzpatrick will join a ninth team in his long NFL career.

The quarterback has agreed to a one-year, $10 million deal that could grow to $12 million with incentives, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Washington entered free agency seeking a veteran to join Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen in the quarterbacks room. They found who they were looking for in Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick, 38, spent the past two seasons in Miami. He started 20 games for the Dolphins, including seven in 2020 while grooming rookie Tua Tagovailoa for the job.

In 16 seasons, Fitzpatrick has started 146 games and completed 60.7 percent of his passes for 34,977 yards with 223 touchdowns and 169 interceptions.

56 responses to “Report: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington agree to one-year, $10 million deal

  1. Fitz is Smart, he knows he’s going there to groom the youngsters. he’s essentially a 2nd QB coach with a better paycheck and a chance to play too

  2. Thank heavens. There was reporting that they were interested in both Trubisky and Fitzpatrick. If they had picked Trubisky, I would have been completely depressed. Now we can be fun for a year and don’t have to sell the farm to draft a QB.

  3. It’s going to suck when the Redskins beat my cowboys for the NFC east with a journeyman QB and embarrass the overpaid Dak Prescott.

  4. Thanks Fitz for the work in Miami! Good luck in Washington! I’ve got a bad feeling we are about to find out we needed you one more year!

  5. Fitz is going to have his best year ever….him and Ron Rivera and a core team…this is his year !!!

  6. This is a great signing for the Washington Whatevers. I still expect the Whatevers to draft a QB after the 3rd round. Heinke and Allen will battle it out for the backup.

  7. they had Alex Smith. They now have Fitz. Probably 1 & 2 on the Wonderlik. Crazy.

    Washington was a good team with Alex. The Steelers game was a great game. The defence was fierce and Smith is a very good QB.

  8. Love that guy! Keep going, old bearded one! He’s the perfect guy to bring Heinicke along. For an improving team, he’ll help a ton. Can’t wait to see him play in condiment colors…

  9. 4 great games 8 ok games and 4 train wreck dumpster fires for 10 mil.. it is his entire body of work summarized

  10. You guys are fooling yourself if you think Fitzpatrick is better than Dak. A career backup QB, gimme a break. Only the Fitzpatrick has done is proven the wonderlic don’t mean squat.

  11. I’m a Washington fan. The best way I can describe my feelings is…”meh.”

    Fitz is truly a feast-or-famine QB. I don’t know how well he’ll fit in with Rivera’s system. He’ll sling it downfield, which is good. But he’ll throw a bunch of picks, which is not.

    I’d rather they drafted someone in the 2nd round to take a chance on finding a diamond in the rough. We know what Fitz is by now.

    As another commenter said above, we now have three high-end backup QBs. Solid ones, but not anyone who can likely lead the team deep into the playoffs.

    I hope to be proved wrong, though.

  12. You know what this is? It’s Rajon Rondo to the Hawks. Super-intelligent but way-past-his-prime Rondo somehow secured $14 million to be back-up point guard, mentor to Trae Young, and unofficial assistant coach. But Washington fans better hope Fitzgerald plays better–Rondo thus far is robbing Atlanta blind.

  13. What did Washington fans do to deserve any of what has been happening to their team? Was it the stupid song? I bet it was the song.

    Bills fans know that Fitz has 2 modes: Good Fitz and Bad Fitz. Good Fitz is absolutely unstoppable and the media refers to that mode as Fitzmagic. Good Fitz puts in occasional appearances and never stays for very long–typically only a quarter. Bad Fitz misses wide open guys by 5+ yards even when those wide open guys are only about 5 yards away from him. Bad Fitz puts in regular appearances and stays for long stretches – up to a month. Fitz is a tough guy and easy to like. He isn’t a better QB than Alex Smith.

  14. Love this! Go Fitzmagic!! he’s been a great QB in all of his adventures. Good for him

  15. Happy for the guy, I was hoping the Bucs would have chucked Jaymiss and kept him in 2018. NOW, I’m seeing an impediment to the Bucs going undefeated

  16. Fitz is one of the best 3 1/2 quarter players in history…
    but when the end of the game comes around he tries to do to much and either fails or actually costs his team the game.

    He will fit in with DC just fine.

  17. As a Miami fan, appreciate what this guy did for a couple seasons. Also love his work ethic AND his attitude and eagerness to work with younger QBs. Guy is a battler and I wish him the best in DC…

  18. This makes sense. The Football Team is trying to build a winner, and they’ll be evaluating just about everyone. It’s hard to evaluate when your QB isn’t sure about every detail of every play. They’ll find a long term QB, but they still have to get the other 52 moving in the right direction. It’s hard on a young QB when he’s in the huddle with 10 guys that aren’t 100% sure about what they’re doing. If they draft a QB this year, he’ll be ready to go next year. He’ll be ready to win next year, and that’s the important part.

  19. It’s amazing people watch this guy for years and choose to ignore what he is. He will play good for 3 games and then he will get benched for playing like the worst QB in the NFL. More than 3 times and it’s a pattern. It’s happened literally at every team he’s ever played at.

  20. Ha! I called WFT-Fitz here the other day. I also called WFT winning the division if they got him – we’ll see how that goes!

  21. I love Fitz because he not only plays for the money, but also for his love of the game

  22. MortimerInMiami says:
    March 16, 2021 at 7:39 am
    How many teams has Fitztragic led to the playoffs?

    Still zero.


    Thats about to change…. buddy!

  23. Fans let their emotions ovveride common sense! I love Fitzmagic too, his leadership, gamesmanship and all the above. But there is a reason why at 38-years old – he has been on 10 teams and unable to sustain a starting job in the NFL or a winning 16 game season. Silly WFT fans acting like they they’re going to the super bowl because they signed Fitz. Go figure…

  24. good for him weird for them lol…so their young guys play hot and cold and you repeat what miami went through last year…great way to develop young talent…

  25. When Pickspatrick throws the game ending INT to end their season WFT fans will be like ”WTF was that”?

  26. It’s amazing people watch this guy for years and choose to ignore what he is. He will play good for 3 games and then he will get benched for playing like the worst QB in the NFL. More than 3 times and it’s a pattern. It’s happened literally at every team he’s ever played at.

    Astute observation!!

  27. Fitzpatrick is a solid player but an absolute development blocker. Either WFT has no confidence in current QB and is planning on moving up to get a qb in the draft or they have no effing clue on what they are doing at the position.

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