Some scratch heads at Rams’ first-round tender on Darious Williams

NFL: DEC 06 Rams at Cardinals
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The Rams have decided to place a first-round tender on restricted free agency cornerback Darious Williams. One executive with a team not in the NFC West was stunned by the move.

As the source explained it, players who get a second-round RFA tender rarely if ever are signed to an offer sheet by another team. (It’s possibly never happened.) By skipping over that option and going to the first-round compensation level, the Rams are committing an extra $1.5 million to Williams in 2021.

The move becomes even more curious, given that the Rams currently are more than $30 million over the cap.

The text message from the executive then included multiple emojis.

Obviously, the Rams didn’t want to risk losing Williams. However, they are forking over another $1.5 million to buy that risk down from incredibly slim to none.

10 responses to “Some scratch heads at Rams’ first-round tender on Darious Williams

  1. Someone expecting to draft late in the 2nd round would have been licking their chops at the prospect of grabbing Williams.

  2. Obviously the Rams didn’t want to risk losing Williams over $1.5 million, and maybe they wanted him to have that extra amount as a sign of goodwill and appreciation.

  3. Wonder if it was same executive that was stupid enough to pay 6million a year. To a rotational player lmao

  4. The Rams are in cap trouble. Perhaps the first round tender was to stop a playoff team with cap space from signing him to an offer they couldn’t match.

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