Dolphins add running back Malcolm Brown

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Last year the Dolphins traded for running back Matt Breida and signed running back Jordan Howard and didn’t get much return on their investment. But that’s not stopping the Dolphins from going shopping at the running back store again.

This time it’s former Rams running back Malcolm Brown who is signing with the Dolphins, according to multiple reports.

Last year Brown played for the Rams and had 101 carries for 419 yards and five touchdowns, with another 23 catches for 162 yards.

It remains to be seen, however, whether Brown is any better than Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed, the two incumbent running backs in Miami who are both under contract at league-minimum salaries. The Dolphins may again find that the cheap running backs they already have are better than the one they signed in free agency.

9 responses to “Dolphins add running back Malcolm Brown

  1. Awful.. Flores neglect of the running game is just plain brutal.He should have drafted Swift last year. Instead he brings in a bunch of mediocre players, AFTER he traded the best runner they had. (Drake)

  2. He’s pretty reliable as a 2nd or 3rd option but he’s definitely not going to take anyone’s spot as the feature RB.

  3. Here we go again, shopping at the dollar store!!!! C’mon we would have been better off trying to bring back Drake or Damien Williams. You can’t continue to put crap in the back field with Tua and expect him to improve, when defenses will not respect the run game and thus the play-action game. You are getting what you pay for.

  4. I get that he gives them the power back they sorely miss, I don’t get $5mil guaranteed, not sure your backup should make that much more than your starter. In the end he’s probably just an “in case” pick up. In case Javonte Williams isn’t there at pick 36, they’ll still have a goal line option.

  5. Watched Malcolm play in high school in Texas. Took over almost every game he was in. Those were the days.

  6. Miami is making bigger mistakes in the running game than running back! It’s obvious that is a problem,but worse Tua is a play action QB and we’ve drafted linemen that pass block and are very average run blockers. Tall and lengthy. For play action to work you need maulers in the run game a little shorter and can move. Our plan is a mess.

  7. He’s super talented. I’m a fan and I’m sad that he isn’t a Ram anymore. I think Brown needs to be in a scheme that emphasizes his talents. He’s with screens in the flat and doesn’t mind being the grinder in short yardage situations.

  8. Who was available alternatively?! You want to overpay for Aaron Jones? Bidding war for Chris Carson who will most likely remain in Seattle. There wasn’t many options and RB is certainly a position you don’t want to overpay for. Malcom Brown certainly isn’t anything special but maybe its best to allocate the money into the O-Line rather than the RB position to really see more of a rushing attack.

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