Lions cutting Chase Daniel, Danny Shelton

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New Lions General Manager Brad Holmes is continuing to clean up the mess he inherited from former Lions General Manager Bob Quinn.

The Lions are cutting quarterback Chase Daniel and defensive tackle Danny Shelton, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Although the Lions reportedly tried to trade Daniel, there was no reason any team would trade for the $4.55 million the Lions owed him. Daniel will have a $3 million dead cap hit for the Lions this year.

Shelton was slated to make a $4 million base salary this season and he’ll instead have a $1.25 million dead cap hit.

Holmes is in the process of radically overhauling the Lions’ roster that Quinn built over the last five years. The Lions are moving on from overpaid veterans this year in an attempt to get better next year.

11 responses to “Lions cutting Chase Daniel, Danny Shelton

  1. Chase Daniel is the backup QB Quinn signed just before the draft last year, letting the league know we had no interest in Tua at 3. And then he wondered why there was no trade interest. I had high hopes for Quinn, but he was a total failure.

  2. Chase Daniel might have been Quinn’s worst signing which was a hard fought battle considering how many awful FA contracts he was responsible . At least some of the other candidates like James , Coleman and Trufant actually made a few positive plays or were injured while Daniel wasn’t derailed by injury he was just plain terrible . Considering all the holes on the roster only Quinn would think it’s a good idea to overpay for a guy like Daniel .

  3. This pulls back the curtain on just why Schefter had to talk about how the Lions were getting trade offers for Daniel. All garbage obviously. But when Schefter breaks some Lions-related story down the line we know what favor he was cashing in.

  4. BH certainly seems to be making quality decisions. He’s getting the roster right. Gotts tear it down to build it up.

    2021 season is gonna be a burn season, everyone knows it. All I am looking for is the team to play disciplined and not commit stupid penalties, the progression of a few key players that are going to be here long term, and some of BH’s upcoming draft picks to show potential.

  5. Someone tried to argue with me that Detroit was not a possible destination for a backup QB because Daniel’s contract signaled that he was entrenched as the #2. As I explained then, clearly that person did not understand NFL contracts.

  6. The Patriots should owe the Lion’s their first rounder this year, for allowing us to take Patricia and Quinn. Of all the Patriot’s scandals this is by far the worst.

  7. Saying the Lions will be tanking this season sounds like a joke considering they tanked every season under Patricia and Quinn. There hasn’t been any effort to restructure Goff’s ridiculous contract. He’s probably gone next season. The Lions will draft a QB in the first round.

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