Matt Ryan restructures contract, Falcons gain $14M in cap space

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The Falcons have talked about adding a quarterback to the roster this offseason, but they shot down suggestions that Matt Ryan would be going anywhere and that’s almost certainly the case after restructuring his contract.

Ryan was set to have a cap hit of $40.9 million for the 2021 season, but Zach Klein of WSB reported Tuesday that he has cut that number down to $26.9 million with a restructured deal. The Falcons converted $21 million of Ryan’s $23 million salary to a signing bonus, so only $7 million of that total remains on this year’s cap.

Ryan’s cap hit for the 2022 season is now set to be over $48.6 million with more than $40.5 million in a dead cap hit if the Falcons were to trade or cut him next offseason without a post-June 1 designation.

That may make such a move unlikely, although the financial landscape of the league may look very different at this time next year and the Falcons’ moves in April’s draft will likely have something to do with Ryan’s future in Atlanta as well.

10 responses to “Matt Ryan restructures contract, Falcons gain $14M in cap space

  1. Arthur Blank showed a misunderstanding of how the NFL works with his sentimental “Falcon for life” decisions on Ryan and Julio. Let’s hope Ryan is following Tom Brady’s avocado diet. He ain’t going anywhere for awhile.

  2. Everybody has ATL taking a QB at 4. They’re not taking a QB. They’re taking Kyle Pitts.

  3. Not that he fell off, but Ryan will bounce back with this new regime. Lots to look forward to for the Falcons in the coming years. Competent leadership is going to turn this team back into a force.

  4. Cousins take note. The Vikings can rework on contracts on Barr and Theilen all night but the big money is where you can free up cash. This work with Ryan freed up more cap that all the Vikings moves combined.

  5. matt ryan certainly hasn’t been the prob, look at him and ridley..i don’t expect him to fall off of a cliff skill wise anytime soon

  6. Matty “Ice” melted along with the resr of the team during the ghost 28-3 comeback of Brady and the Patriots in the Superbowl. He and the falcons have never recovered. Its happened to more than one team.

  7. That Matt Ryan is going to be a boat anchor for Atlanta for years to come.

  8. Well, the 25 point lead thing hasn’t happened before or since, that ‘s why it is a record. But you are absolutely right. Weak mental teams never recover from adversity.

  9. There is no cure for stupidity. Giving him that much money is almost as bad as the Dak Prescott contract.

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