Report: Bears made “aggressive pursuit” of Russell Wilson, told no trade at this time

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Bears have agreed to a contract with Andy Dalton, but that was not the only quarterback possibility they explored recently.

Chicago was one of the four teams that Russell Wilson‘s agent said the quarterback would agree to be traded to this offseason and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bears engaged in a “very aggressive pursuit” of a deal. That pursuit ended with Seattle telling them that they would not be trading Wilson at this time.

That wording suggests there may be a time when the Seahawks are willing to make a trade involving Wilson. That could come after free agency and the draft have played out if Wilson remains dissatisfied with how the Seahawks are putting the team together.

If that’s the case and the Bears remain one of the teams that he’d agree to join, it’s hard to imagine the presence of Dalton and Nick Foles changing the Bears’ mind about making a run but all of that is speculation until the Seahawks take a different stance.

12 responses to “Report: Bears made “aggressive pursuit” of Russell Wilson, told no trade at this time

  1. The one story it seems like there is smoke with no fire. Just odd Seattle and/or Wilson isn’t saying anything to dissuade rumors when it appears this isn’t going to happen.

  2. You talk about a front office that has BUNGLED their job SO BAD it’s Ryan Pace and his lackeys in Chicago.

    Aggressive pursuit. Yeah I bet. The aggressive pursuit was Pace calling with a 2005 Flip Phone in a bad service area and offering a 6th rounder next year, a fruit basket, and Trubiskys Toyota Camry that Pace has always been so fond of.

  3. Oh, just like the local media has been saying for weeks while simultaneously making fun of the national ‘headlines’ and ‘journalists’.

  4. Chicago: never the bride
    A QB depth chart of Foles and Dalton.
    And the McCaskey’s have the nerve to charge full price for those game tickets

  5. The issue is how do the Bears come up with 5 1st round picks, the reported asking price, and a decent QB which currently they don’t have on their roster. The NFL only allows 3 years out for picks so the Bears would need to get the equivalent of 2 ones, which is what Mack and 2 two twos.

    I think most in Seattle have grown real tired of the new diva Russell “it is all about my legacy and stats” Wilson, though he reminds me a lot of Dave Kreig when he is on he looks like an all-pro QB when he is cold it is like Russ’s last few games where it looks like he is throwing to the CB’s and LB’s instead of his receivers.

  6. There is someone in this thread who thinks everything worked out just as the Bears planned by signing Andy Dalton??? Yeah, they really put one over on the national media.

    I love this time of year. It really is silly season!

  7. Well since he’s failed his whole time with the Bears to get them the next Drew Brees, maybe he goes for the next Russell Wilson. Or at least who he sees to be the next Russ. So I’m looking for him to target Trey Lance or Justin Fields (ulp) and do whatever he has to to get one of them on Draft Day. Foles and Dalton are a laughably uninspiring duo of QBs for a team that desperately needs to win back their fan base.

  8. If they trade him before June 1st, they absorb a $39 million salary cap hit this year, and with the salary cap dropping $15 million, they just can’t afford it. Even if he really does want out, he can’t leave before June 1st, there’s no way to work it out financially.

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