Chiefs sign Kyle Long

Chicago Bears v Washington Redskins
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Kyle Long is back, and he may be ready to help the Chiefs win another Super Bowl.

Long, the former Pro Bowl guard, has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Chiefs, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Although Long was out of football in 2020 after announcing his retirement, he indicated that he has stayed in great shape and is eager to play again.

The Chiefs, who might have won the Super Bowl with a better offensive line, have now added two veteran guards in Long and Joe Thuney. The identity of their starting tackles remains to be seen.

24 responses to “Chiefs sign Kyle Long

  1. He was a great Bear. Too bad he was injured most of his final year. I hope he does well.

  2. Like I said before the Jets will win a Super Bowl before Kansas City wins another one

  3. Chiefs front office and Andy Reid have said multiple times they don’t see guards or tackles but offensive linemen. That’s why they were still able to make the sb even with a patch work offensive line most of the last year.

  4. With what Vegas is doing on there defensive line, I don’t see Long or Thuney as much help.

  5. If he’s healthy, he’ll be an asset. He was a great Bear. I wish he’d gone out on his own terms and not because of injury.

    I’ll be rooting for him.

  6. You got a warrior when he’s healthy Chiefs fans. Give ‘em hell Kyle.

    – A Bears Fan

  7. As an older player coming back from one year retirement I am dubious of what he has left. Wish him and the Chiefs on the risky signing.

  8. 1 year dynasty going down hill fast. Cheifs are beatable by a lot of teams and this guy doesnt really help.

  9. Raiders got rid of 4 offensive linemen and didn’t even offer him a contract.

  10. Nice rotation option/ back up. Seeing how they were pretty much at 2nd and 3rd string at almost every o line position bodies are always needed

  11. No brainer for Long. Sign with a contender, or play for Bill O’Brien. Excuse me. Jon Gruden.

  12. i think this is a great bandaid. year off to get healthy… one year contract… get another solid lineman in the draft to play and learn from him…

  13. In his prime here in Chicago, the guy was an absolute monster mauler…unfortunately he had so many different injuries over his last 3-4 seasons, he just couldn’t go anymore. Hopefully he has fully healed and will be able to play at a high level again. Good luck Kyle. You deserve a successful comeback.

  14. fourmoreyeartrump2020 says:
    March 17, 2021 at 8:34 pm
    Raiders got rid of 4 offensive linemen and didn’t even offer him a contract.
    Why would the Raiders need to offer him a contract? He still had two years left on his current contract with no guaranteed money.

  15. He said he’d only wear one jersey and pledged his allegiance to the Bears. As a Bears fan, I really want to call him out on this and call him a fraud, but I can’t. I get it. Pace is a moron and no sane talented athlete should want to play for his pea brain.

    It’s like when your girlfriend leaves you for a good looking successful guy after you’ve treated her like crap and done nothing with your life. “I shoulda bought you flowers and held your hand” or something like that.

    Treat ‘em well, KC.

  16. Why is it only chiefs haters call them a dynasty? They’ve been to 3 straight AFC championship games, won 2 of them, and won 1 of 2 consecutive Super Bowls. I’m a huge chiefs fan, I don’t call them a dynasty, but they’re a couple years ahead of anyone else wanting to claim the word. 25-3, every team is taking that!

  17. Good OG when healthy, but geez did he even play 50% of games per season the last 4 seasons of his playing career?

  18. The Longs seem to have a knack for signing late career deals with top contenders, maybe because they’re good.

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