Dolphins to sign ex-Patriot Adam Butler

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores is bringing another of his former Patriots to Miami.

Free agent defensive tackle Adam Butler will sign a two-year deal with the Dolphins, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Butler was among the ex-Patriots the Dolphins were known to be interested in signing. Flores, the former Patriots defensive coordinator, spent three years coaching Butler in New England.

It’s the second time today the Dolphins added a former Patriots defender, having previously agreed to terms with cornerback Justin Coleman.

Other ex-Patriots the Dolphins have signed since Flores became Miami’s head coach have included Kyle Van Noy, Eric Rowe, Ted Karras and Elandon Roberts.

13 responses to “Dolphins to sign ex-Patriot Adam Butler

  1. lol

    and he’ll imnediately play worse since he will be in Miami on an overpay (no income tax).

  2. It’s as if Flores can not break from the Patriots.
    The VanNoy deal was hilarious. VanNoy prolly ends up back in NE as well.

  3. This one hurts a bit as a Pats fan. Butler has a great motor and was a always around the QB but Pats can’t sign everyone.

  4. I don’t know about their present playing abilities but if you are trying to instill a disciplined winning culture, it helps to have players who have adapted and succeeded in that environment.

  5. Awesome move ……..have fun with Godauex.

    l’ll take Butler any day!! Great pickup!

  6. Butler definitely exceeded expectations in New England, and I’m sure the Dolphins were willing to pay up. Hopefully for the Patriots this means they can turn their concentration on the D line towards re-signing Lawrence Guy.

  7. Butler and Godchaux are similar in the run game but Butler has a huge pass rush advantage. For that reason I think Butler is a better player and cheaper too. Good signing!

  8. Patriots are irrelevant and they will be until another Tom Brady comes along……..expect Gilette to be like Sullivan stadium in the 90’s……..empty….. the bandwagons fans are jumping off!!

  9. “Expect Gilette(typical genius Dolphins fan)to be like Sullivan Stadium in the 90’s..empty)Pats have sold out every game since 1993… don’t think Miami has ever sold out a season.

  10. Miami had a lot of sold out games in the 70’s when they won a bunch of games. Bill

  11. “It’s as if Flores can not break from the Patriots.
    The VanNoy deal was hilarious. VanNoy prolly ends up back in NE as well.”

    We’ll gladly take him back.

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