John McClain expects Deshaun Watson to be traded

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What a difference two-and-a-half months make.

On January 7, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said this: “I’ve got a better chance of becoming the Texans’ new head coach than Deshaun Watson has of being traded.” Now, McClain says this: “The Texans haven’t said they’re not trading Watson since January. I expect him to be traded.”

In early January, McClain’s position was informed by what he was hearing from the Texans, who were adamant about keeping Watson. Now, a day after the team signed quarterback Tyrod Taylor, McClain has completed his 180. (In the interim, McClain publicly called for the Texans to grant Watson’s trade request.)

This would suggest that someone from the Texans has told McClain that Taylor wasn’t signed in order to serve as leverage against a Watson holdout, but to replace Watson after he’s traded.

So now the question becomes when it will happen and to whom Watson will be shipped. The Texans should find out which teams Watson will play for, and they should figure out how to spark a bidding war among them.

28 responses to “John McClain expects Deshaun Watson to be traded

  1. If Pace wants to GM past 2021, Chicago needs to offer the Wilson package and throw Dalton in there along with two second rounders.

  2. Okay but would he welcome a trade to Carolina? It’s a worse team in a tougher division

  3. A good move signing Taylor … what the Texans need now is a boatload of draft picks to assist in their rebuilding. Sounds like Carolina might be willing to accommodate them, and maybe even kick in a running back.

  4. Well given the fact that they just signed Tyrod Taylor tells me their preparing something.

  5. Bears problem is that all their 1st round draft picks in the next 3 years are going to be #20 or higher likely…specifically this year is 20. Seattle wanted more because this year’s pick was not good enough. Houston will likely as well. Bears need to ante up if they want to win.

  6. Another millionaire malcontent who just signed an extension, throws a hissy fit to get what he wants.

  7. chickensalad43 says:
    March 17, 2021 at 12:11 pm
    If Pace wants to GM past 2021, Chicago needs to offer the Wilson package and throw Dalton in there along with two second rounders.

    Sorry man but Carolina has way more to offer and has an owner willing to go all in….

  8. chickensalad43 says:
    March 17, 2021 at 12:11 pm
    If Pace wants to GM past 2021, Chicago needs to offer the Wilson package and throw Dalton in there along with two second rounders.
    I am not buying that story.. At all…

  9. The offer that Carolina or Chicago will need to make will set them back so much at other positions that a Deshaun Watson operating at a Pro Bowl level will only carry them to 7-9 or 8-8. By the time they get a first round draft pick again in 2025 and can build around him, Watson will have lost a step and they’ll again be 7-9 or 8-8. What’s the point?

  10. Bears need to offer the exact same trade for Watson and they did for Wilson. Watson is much younger and will give Chicago a real chance to compete for seasons to come.

  11. 4-12 with Deshaun
    4-12 without Deshaun
    Take the Herschel Walker package and build for the “Fucha”

  12. Two big problems with this theory….Tyrod isn’t a starting QB solution…and the value of Watson is dropping fast – pending a long drawn out massage/happy ending investigation. Doesn’t make sense to trade him now

    Watson stays in Houston

  13. Belichick is Waiting to pounce when the time is right. The reason he splurged in free agency was to fill holes on the roster. He has accomplished that goal and does not need to draft to fill holes. The draft capital can be used to trade for Watson or to trade up for one of top QB in draft. Patriots will be dangerous again very soon.

    Just watch the chessmaster make fools of their critics……….

  14. Watson already has his money. Does he want to win a SB ? If so he should go to New England and play for greatest coach and team of all time.

  15. My sources have told me, he wants to be traded to KC to serve as a backup to Mahomes.

  16. If am the 49ers I would send the next 3 years 1st this year’s 2nd and Fred Warner to get get Watson as the next franchise QB and then send Jimmy to the Pats for a 3rd pick

  17. C’mon Denver. Offer 3 first rounders, Drew Lock to learn behind Taylor, and Bradley Chubb and get this deal done.

  18. This lawsuit has just dropped Watson’s trade value considerably. The Texans should have already traded him to get maximum value, but instead they dragged it out.

  19. The 49ers don’t need or want Watson.

    The 49ers, under Shanahan, have an identity. It’s a running team with a great defense. Shanahan uses the passes to set up the run. They got to the Super Bowl in Garoppolo’s first full season with the Niners.

    They may do it again.

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