Lawsuit officially is filed against Deshaun Watson

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
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It wasn’t clear that a sexual assault lawsuit against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson had been filed. It’s now clear that the lawsuit has indeed been filed.

The document can be viewed here.

The incident allegedly occurred on March 30, 2020, during a massage provided by the plaintiff at her home. The plaintiff, who sues under the pseudonym Jane Doe, contends that, during the massage, “Watson assaulted Plaintiff by touching her with his penis.”

The plaintiff also alleges that Watson “wanted her focus to be on his groin area,” and that she eventually concluded that “Watson wanted a massage for only one reason — sex.”

After the alleged assault, the plaintiff claims she became upset and asked Watson to leave. She contends that Watson said, “I know you have a career and a reputation, and I know you would hate for someone to mess with yours, just like I don’t want anyone messing with mine.” She claims that she interpreted the words as a threat.

The plaintiff alleges that Watson later apologized via text message, and that at least two other players were referred to her by “Big D.”

The lawsuit also contains this paragraph, which generally attacks the league: “The NFL is notorious in its own right for a culture that fosters sexual harassment and sexual assault. Despite its lip service and a strong ad campaign to the contrary, many of its players have been accused of committing heinous sexual crimes against women. The NFL is no stranger to scandal, certain when it comes to offenses against women.”

While the plaintiff claims that she “brings this case for the minimum jurisdictional limits of this Honorale [sic] Court, to raise awareness, and to prevent Deshaun Watson and those like him from engaging in further conduct with other future victims,” she expressly seeks compensation for “[c]onscious physical and mental pain and suffering, and anguish, past and future,” for “[p]hysical impairment, past and future,” for “[l]oss of enjoyment of life and peace of mind, past and future,” for “[r]easonable and necessary medical, counseling, psychiatric, therapeutic and related expenses, past and future,” for “[l]oss of earnings and earning capacity,” punitive (also known as exemplary) damages, and “any and all damages to which she may be entitled.”

The lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday night, eventually will require a formal response from Watson, and the litigation will then proceed, through and until a trial, if necessary.