Lawyer says he’s filing the second of four cases against Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans v New York Jets
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On Tuesday, Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee filed on behalf of a client a sexual assault lawsuit against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Buzbee disclosed the case on social media.

Buzbee now uses social media to disclose that more litigation is coming.

“My associate, Cornelia, and I will file the second of what is now four cases on behalf of women against Deshaun Watson today,” Buzbee said on his verified Instagram account. “The cases allege assault. We won’t share the alleged details here, and we won’t try the case in the press, but the cases are publicly filed for all to see. I appreciate the calls of support that we have received from those who support these brave women. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to the powerful, when you are perceived powerless.

“Since filing the first case yesterday, I have had several death threats and multiple people have harassed my children. The blame the victim (or her lawyers) mentality is alive and well!! I love football as much as the next person (although I’ve never been a Texans fan). But I don’t love it that much!! Makes me shake my head that people are so passionate about football to the point of irrationality, while at the same time they could care less who the mayor or president will be.”

As the lawsuits are filed, we will obtain, analyze, and summarize them here.

39 responses to “Lawyer says he’s filing the second of four cases against Deshaun Watson

  1. Remember when the Texans said no way they were trading him, and two or three first-rounders wasn’t enough? LOL. I wonder what the price will be once he’s ultimately traded as his value plummets week after week.

  2. If this was any other lawyer on earth other than this Buzbee character i’d believe it. This is a clear character attack on Watson to benefit the Texans to justify his ouster.

  3. All these athletes and celebs are going to have to wear body cams 24/7 to cover themselves.
    It’s becoming big business with settlements/lawsuits.

  4. Houston Texans hiring out a hit on Watson to keep him in town. Low key, smart move!

  5. Buzzbe is also a politician in Houston and no doubt is playing up Watson’s current unpopularity there and using that to enhance his own standing with the voters.

  6. This is absolutely disgusting. This is a character attack headed by the Texans only to devalue him. He has been a model citizen, teammate, huge in the community for a few years for this to come out now. Just disgusting. Texans you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. This is a clear character attack on Watson to benefit the Texans to justify his ouster.


    Ummmm what would they gain by destroying his trade value? That makes no sense at all.

  8. Who else is gonna be shocjed? Shocked I tell you when it comes out that it’s just the Texans trying to strong arm into staying?

  9. Here’s my problem with this lawyer’s statements….he said, “ The blame the victim (or her lawyers) mentality is alive and well!!” Well the issue is this, if these allegations are criminally serious, WHY is this a lawsuit case and not a criminal case??

  10. If this really occurred, why wasn’t it reported in 2020 when it supposedly happened?
    It sounds like a made up/embellished money grab.

  11. The accuser is a massage therapist? Guess that rules the Patriots out as a landing spot for Watson.

  12. Scratching my head trying to understand how these charges against him somehow benefit the team. If they want to trade him, his value is diminishing. If they think this will enable them to keep him, they have a QB facing multiple lawsuits for sexual assault who doesn’t want to be there, who will apparently be riding their bench.

  13. Watson’s trade value……

    Texans, we’ll offer Deshawn Watson and our first round pick to the first taker…….

  14. The fact that the lawyer initially reached out directly to Watson looking for “six-figure” payouts before filing the suit looks extremely shady. Either the alleged victims want to press charges or they don’t…otherwise it looks like a shakedown…

  15. Something about these lawsuits stinks to high heaven.

    This lawyer is basically slandering Watson on social media,as if to force him to settle for money. The timing is VERY questionable.

    If there really was sexual assault, it should be filed with the police,not announced on Facebook

  16. So is this a verbal assault or physical assault?

    From the 1st case, it seems Watson said something inappropriate and was asked to leave, Watson left.

    Where’s TMZ when you need them? lol

  17. Is this the same “I’ve never been a Texans Fan” Buzbee that put up a billboard to encourage the Texans to draft Johnny Football???

  18. These situations with famous men booking massages are almost always touch and go. Watson could face a stiff penalty.

  19. My question is why nobody said anything until Watson said he wanted away from the Texans organization because they lied to him? I hate liars too. Now suddenly someone is saying he sexually assaulted someone, or said an off color remark. Just seems something isn’t quite right.

  20. I hope Watson destroys these false accusations and countersues them into oblivion.

  21. I have absolutely no dog in this fight, but remember that there are four scenarios to every situation.
    Someone doesn’t have to be right and wrong, sometimes they’re both wrong.

  22. If these allegations are true, I hope that DW is slammed for a huge settlement. If they are false? I hope he takes the money the Texans have paid him and turns it into a crusade against Buzbee and anyone else involved.

  23. It will certainly be interesting to find out if there are any criminal charges filed regarding any of the four cases! I believe that filing a criminal complaint gives credibility to the allegations against Watson. An accuser should face criminal liability for filing false claims. However with the given information it’s impossible to determine anyone’s credibility!

  24. This doesn’t hurt his trade value at all, the Texans can still get what they want for him. All this does is make them feel righteous about trading him.

  25. Right, wrong or indifferent the prize package the Texans will get for a Watson trade just shrank by 50%. How many teams will want to take on the PR nightmare of reporting the daily Watson legal proceedings all next season? (Besides the Jets!)

  26. They have to prove this, but you have to at least wonder about the legitimacy if there are 4 separate complainants. That would make a pretty complicated conspiracy.

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