Richard Sherman’s free agency moving in “slow motion”

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers
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A report this week indicated that the Saints were one of the teams expressing interest in signing cornerback Richard Sherman as a free agent, but it doesn’t sound like New Orleans or anyone else is coming on too strong.

The source for that report is Sherman himself. Sherman said on a podcast with Cris Collinsworth Tuesday and he said there’s been a very measured response from the rest of the league since the negotiating window opened on Monday.

“Well, it’s been slow motion, so far,” Sherman said, via” “I’ve gotten a couple of feeler calls where they’re like, ‘Hey, what are you willing to take?’ Or, ‘What are you willing to do? What are you trying to do?’ And what’s my bottom number? What’s my top number?’ Et cetera, et cetera. But nothing crazy. No firm offers or anything. I think they’re waiting for all the young guys to figure out where they’re going. Shaq Griffin, he just signed with Jacksonville, so I think it’s all about to fall out once he and William Jackson get off the floor.”

Jackson is off the floor after agreeing to a deal with Washington, but there’s been no word on progress toward a deal for Sherman on Wednesday.