Vikings land Patrick Peterson

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
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The Vikings had issues at cornerback last year. They’ve responded by landing one of the best cornerbacks in free agency.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, the Vikings have signed Patrick Peterson to a one-year deal.

Others are reporting it’s a $10 million deal. (I’ve got a feeling it’s “up to” $10 million; we’ll see what the official numbers say.)

Peterson, a top-10 pick in 2011, spent 10 years in Arizona. He instantly makes Minnesota’s cornerback depth chart better. Time will tell whether that’s enough to propel the Vikings back to the postseason.

17 responses to “Vikings land Patrick Peterson

  1. Awesome signing. The young kids are coming along and PP is a playmaker. Watch out

  2. This is a great signing. He will be a great mentor for the young corners. If the safety they are going to draft at some point in the upcoming draft isnt ready to start, PP can start at safety. If he is, then PP can play his natural position. Either way, smart move by the Vikes. Keep working on that defense that was atrocious last year.

  3. Well this is quite shocking! He’s no where as good as he was 3-4 years ago but maybe he can help coach up all the new drafts from last year.

  4. I am curious to see just how much longer Peterson can play at such a high level. He is racking up the miles on those quads & hamstrings!

  5. Wow, I didn’t expect the Cardinals to let him go, and if he did leave I expected him to get longer than a 1 year deal. Could this be the only significant offer he received? It’s hard to believe he thinks he’s going to win a ring this year with the Vikings.

  6. Great player, will help. Their biggest needs will be rushing the passer and blocking. With the Cap situation….here’s hoping we draft well

  7. He’s old and his best days are long behind him.

    I don’t blame Spielman for signing this guy though, since he clearly couldn’t draft a decent cornerback if it meant the firing squad.

  8. I think he may not have much left in the tank. He could mentor the young guys and provide depth much like Newman did at the end of his career. He’ll have to learn Zim’s ways and make the team. If he has anything left this could be a really good pickup. Experienced veteran leadership for our young corners could really help their careers.

  9. Oh no, this isn’t going to sit well with Danielle Hunter.
    How dare the Vikings spend all his money. 🤣

  10. No question this is an upgrade in the secondary. And on a 1 year deal, I’m not sure how anybody could be complaining about this move for the Vikings. If the Vikings sign a starter for the OL in free agency, I will give them an A for this off season thus far.

  11. Aaron Rodgers approves

    Wonder if he’ll even be on the roster for their second matchup this year?

  12. Refuses to tackle (Makes Deion Sanders look like Dick Butkus), gets torched regularly, and sulks, Yeah, great signing.

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