Will lawsuits impact Deshaun Watson’s trade market?

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When only one lawsuit was filed against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, the G.M. of a team not in the hunt for the player privately asked PFT whether a franchise can trade for Watson in the immediate aftermath of the claim. The disclosure by lawyer Tony Buzbee that three more women will be filing assault claims against Watson complicates that question, considerably.

If there were only one claim, a team could mobilize its internal resources to fully investigate the situation and to determine that Watson faces no realistic league discipline, and that the P.R. impact would not outweigh the value of adding the player. With four claims, even if Watson ultimately prevails on each one, the sheer volume complicates a potential trade, considerably.

How can a team justify sending significant assets to Houston without knowing how these claims will turn out? Although Watson is entitled to all protections and presumptions that apply within the confines of the legal system, the sheer number of claims will potentially cause one or more teams to not pursue a trade.

Alternatively, the compensation for a Watson trade could drop. And the local blowback could, in theory, force the Texans to take whatever they can get.

None of this will likely change Watson’s desire to move on. It could impact both the inclination of another team to trade for him and/or the price tag the Texans attach to a trade.

If Watson did what he’s accused of doing, there should be consequences. Even if he’s falsely accused in each instance, there’s value in resolving these matters quickly in order to remove what quickly has become a practical impediment to Watson’s desire for a fresh start.

11 responses to “Will lawsuits impact Deshaun Watson’s trade market?

  1. Simple answer is “No”. Lot’s of teams are desperate for a QB, and from the report it sounds like “he said, she said”. Even IF it happened it will be difficult to prove.

  2. So far they’re only civil suits. There’s no threat of going to jail.
    It depends on the team’s and whatever city he goes to tolerance for the moral implications these kind of allegations bring.

  3. You’d have to think they will certainly hurt Watson and his chances of being traded.

  4. Ezekiel was suspended while being proven innocent by Goodell. So Watson could face similar punishment even if all these claims are false.

  5. All these complaints coming now seems odd to me. Is it possible Watson is being targeted? Perhaps he has had a bad behavior experience but why have we not heard from not one single incident dated with a police report attached to it?

  6. For the price to obtain Watson A team could possibly be destroyed for a minimum of 5 years. Not worth the risk to a franchise acquiring him in a trade.

  7. To me they r guest doing this to this man to get money out of him by setting him up so he can’t move up

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