Allen Robinson accepts his franchise tag

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
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All it took was a simple flirtation with Kenny Golladay to get Allen Robinson to squeeze the bird in the hand.

The Bears receiver has signed his one-year franchise tender, NFL Media reports. Anyone who reads PFT is not surprised; we posted roughly an hour ago that it was moving this way — even though Robinson previously had shown no inclination to sign.

It’s not just the smart play, it’s the only play. With $17.9 million on a one-year deal at a time when the market is down and the top receivers aren’t getting big offers, Robinson risked having the tag rescinded — and then having to find $17.9 million for 2021 on the open market.

He’s now under contract with the Bears. He also can now be traded by the Bears, in theory. However, his new team would step into Chicago shoes, with a July 15 deadline for doing a long-term deal.