Andy Dalton: Bears told me I was the starter

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Andy Dalton signed a one-year, $10 million deal with the Bears this week and he shared the biggest reason why he decided to come to Chicago during a Thursday press conference.

The Bears still have Nick Foles on the roster at quarterback, but Dalton said that the team’s message to him before he signed was that there isn’t a plan for a competition for the starting job.

“They told me I was the starter. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to come here,” Dalton said, via Kevin Fishbain of

The Bears made a play for a Russell Wilson trade before signing Dalton and there’s no long-term answer at the position on hand, so the team’s message in March may not wind up being the same after April’s draft or once they’re at training camp this summer. For now, though, Dalton is No. 1 in Chicago.

35 responses to “Andy Dalton: Bears told me I was the starter

  1. I can’t disagree. Considering who the Bears have in their QB room, who else would it be?

  2. I’m thinking his coaches don’t really care for the fact he made that public knowledge.

  3. Bahahahaha!!! Can’t cut it playing for the Bengals but instant starter for da’ bears? Strong franchise.

  4. With all due respect to Foles, Dalton is the more experienced, steady and reliable QB. Several years and several teams ago Foles had a great SB run, but has yet to prove himself a good starter.Dalton appears the more likely starter.

  5. Foles needs to go back to Philly. They kept the wrong QB and now both he and the coach are no longer with the Eagles who have turned into a grease fire.

  6. Lol. Contradicting the coach in the first presser, while also making the other guys in the QB room angry. Good job.

  7. Dalton is underrated. He isn’t elite by any means but he’s not trash like people try to say.

  8. A “One Hit Wonder” and a “No Hit Blunder.” Sorry Bears fans, you don’t deserve this.

  9. “I’m the starter, no competition, no backsies!” – Andy Dalton Age 7, Chicago IL

  10. Bears chose to sign Dalton over Trubisky? Oh well, another sign that Nagy’s time as coach is coming to an end. Thankfully.

  11. Lord, help us. Dalton is no longer a starter. Shame the Bears haven’t seen that yet…

  12. The Bears are in turmoil. They’re desperately flailing. I guess a lot of desperate front offices are trying to do what Tampa Bay did. Bring in the Superman QB, and cover up all the underlying problems. Maybe they even have their owner convinced. There’s only one Tom Brady. Probably a good idea to realize that. Or are they trying to copy Denver. Just keep changing QBs and cross your fingers.

  13. Just like when they had like 10 kickers in camp, all theoretically going to be the starter.

  14. When you sign a one year deal and they tell you you’re the starter, how much confidence can the team have in that?

  15. Olyhawkguy says:
    March 18, 2021 at 3:57 pm
    Bahahahaha!!! Can’t cut it playing for the Bengals
    What does that even mean?! Did the Bengals become some sort of storied franchise when I wasn’t looking, or in a coma? The Bengals have had 7 winning seasons in the last 31 years. Dalton was the QB for 5 of those seasons.

  16. The Bears are not looking to compete in 2021. They’ll have a new GM, a new coach, and probably a top 5 draft pick for the new regime in 2022.

  17. At least its only a 1 year deal. next year Dalton can look for another job along with Pace and Nagy.

  18. The Bears have tried running Nagy’s system with 3 different QBs who represent just about every combination of skill set imaginable. Glennon, Trubisky, and Foles. And the results have ranged from barely passable (pun intended) to league-worst godawful. Folks, the problem is not the QB (OK maybe it is a little), but it’s at least 80% the system. No QB will do well under Nagy, it’s just that Dalton is the latest who will wind up making a lot of money to look bad playing for him.

  19. And Dalton
    Pro Bowl MVP-0
    Playoff wins- 0 out of 4
    Superbowl MVP-0
    Superbowl Wins-0

    Nick Foles
    ProBowl MVP-1
    Jersey in the HOF-1
    Playoff wins- 3 (2nd only to R Wilson, of qb’s in their 20’s)
    Superbowl wins – 1
    Superbowl MVP – 1

    who’s the better QB? please. there’s no doubt who I’d take.

  20. Andy, that was yesterday they told you that. Today, they told me I am the starter.

  21. Nothing against Foles – I think he is a good man even if I think his QB skills are suss. But I remember when Trubes got benched and Foles was being interviewed. He spoke about how grateful he was and how Trubisky “had a great future in this league” as though he was a lock on being the (current) savior for the Bears at the position. Things like this, and the headline itself tell me the Bears STILL have no plan at the position, and I expect more of the same in 2021.

    Full disclosure I live in Chicago and never was a Bears fan. The mcCaskeys make it very very difficult.

  22. cav2ya says:
    March 18, 2021 at 5:49 pm

    who’s the better QB? please. there’s no doubt who I’d take.

    Now look at Foles’ career as a starter and tell me you would say the same thing. He is mediocre at best, just like Dalton. I don’t think there is a clear winner here. Certainly isn’t the Bears.

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