Andy Dalton: Many people don’t know much about me and will learn while I’m here

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The Bears signed Andy Dalton to a one-year, $10 million deal to be the team’s starting quarterback.

After rumors of Chicago potentially trading for Russell Wilson, news of Dalton’s signing wasn’t met with ringing enthusiasm among the team’s fans.

Dalton addressed that during his introductory press conference on Thursday, and effectively just asked for folks to give him a chance.

“Obviously, I know there’s been a lot of talk, but I’m coming in from the outside,” Dalton said, via Colleen Kane and Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune. “A lot of people don’t know a ton about me and are going to get to learn a lot about me while I’m here. That’s all I’m worried about, and so I’m here now. Hopefully everybody gets a chance to see who I am as a player, as a person, see what we’re going to be able to do with this organization. I’m excited about the opportunity. Obviously there’s been a lot of talk, but I’m not worried about any of that.”

After nine years as a starter in Cincinnati with four postseason appearances, Dalton went to Dallas to backup Dak Prescott. Dalton was pressed into duty when Prescott suffered his fractured ankle early in the season. Dalton started nine games for Dallas, completing 65 percent of his passes for 2,170 yards with 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Dalton has compiled a 74-66-2 record as a starter, tossing 218 touchdowns and 126 picks while racking up 33,764 yards passing.

Time will tell if he’s the solution in Chicago.

11 responses to “Andy Dalton: Many people don’t know much about me and will learn while I’m here

  1. Andy has been around for 10 years. We know all about him. He’s very consistent and a solid starting quarterback, one of the best over the last decade. Unfortunately for him, the Bengals the last 5 years stunk and the Cowboys were a disaster last year.

  2. Andy Dalton, “A lot of people don’t know a ton about me…” Ten seasons in the NFL and people don’t know much about you? Hahaha

  3. From a Bengals fan let me tell you who Andy Dalton is…

    A top 15-20 starting QB who needs weapons and a strong offensive line to be slightly better than average. Can still win 10 games and make the playoffs on a good team. Will not ever be a player to elevate those around him or to lead a team past the first round of the playoffs. Great guy and family. Great for the community. AJ Green in his prime kind of made Andy look better than he is.

  4. Andy we do know this: Da Bears now have 2 QBs who couldn’t outrun a Galapagos tortoise and will play behind a turnstile O-line. What could go wrong with that approach? Hope the Pace family is still renting.

  5. Soldier Field? Windy City?

    He might not be able to get a 20 yard out all the way to the sidelines.

  6. From another Bengals fan let me tell you: Dalton isn’t a QB who will take a bad team to SB contention by himself, but he will lead you to 10 wins with even a decent supporting cast. He hasn’t won any playoff games, but that was more on Marvin Lewis, who was 0-7 in the playoffs with 4 different QBs (Palmer, Kitna, Dalton, McCarron). He’s not a top 10 guy and never will be, but he’s better than most think. Dalton is right, most people don’t know much about him other than 0-4 in the playoffs.

  7. Andy Dalton always had a weak Offensive Line in Cincinnati and he still played well. Give him good protection and he will win for you. He’s also someone who will spend his time and money on the community. He did a lot for kids with cancer in Cincinnati.

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