Attorney promises to release “multiple texts” from Deshaun Watson

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At Friday’s press conference, the lawyer representing at least nine women who allege assault by Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will release copies of the lawsuits filed to date, along with “multiple texts” from Watson.

On Thursday night, attorney Tony Buzbee released one specific chain of messages. Frankly, it proves nothing.

In the string of messages, the masseuse says that she can perform “Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point.” Watson says he’s “more of a Swedish guy,” and he later asks, “Are you comfortable with the glute area.”

That’s presumably the reason for Buzbee’s decision to include the screen shot of the messages. Within the context of massages, however, the “glute area” is innocuous. Athletes, especially football players, often need the groin muscles and the “glute area” to be massaged. Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms explained that earlier today on PFT Live.

Beyond the fact that it’s normal to have the “glute area” massaged, Watson specifically asked whether the masseuse is “comfortable with the glute area.”

Again, nothing in this text chain proves any type of wrongdoing. If the other text messages released on Friday will have similar tone and content, it will (or at least should) do nothing to convince anyone that Watson did anything wrong.

UPDATE 11:19 p.m. ET: The second page of the text message (I frankly don’t know how to use Instagram very well) contains an apology from Watson that presumably was sent after one of the encounters. “Sorry about you feeling uncomfortable,” he said. “Never were the intentions. Lmk if you want to work in the future. My apologies.” While this shows that Watson recognized the masseuse was “uncomfortable,” it does not prove that an assault happened.

30 responses to “Attorney promises to release “multiple texts” from Deshaun Watson

  1. If he had the texts he would have released them already.

    Since when did asking a massage therapist to work on the glutes inappropriate?

    What’s gonna he great about this in the end is that the Texans will still end up paying Watson $100s of millions in a settlement for the massive defamation lawsuit he’s going to file against them.

  2. As it stands now, in context it sounds like he did nothing wrong. If it’s considered ‘normal’ for an athlete to get their ‘glutes’ massaged. Besides, he asked her if she was comfortable, didn’t tell her she had to. Did she say No? and was that the end of it? or did he keep insisisting on the massage even though she said No. Guilty or not Guilty? the ENTIRE evidence needs to be considered before delivering a verdict in the media, in the court of public opinion, and in a court of law.

  3. Seems very sleazy. It sounds like his case is falling apart, and he’s trying to extort a settlement. If this is such a criminal act, why hasn’t anyone called the police?

  4. It’s frame job by McNair. Watson made him look bad by publicly demanding a trade and McNair is flexing his billionaire muscle. It’s a case of “If I can’t have you, nobody else can either”. Look at those texts. Do they sound like they come from a sexual predator? The timing is way too convenient for McNair and too damaging for Watson.

  5. It actually seems to back up the premise that Watson was being very nice about his understanding that he was asking for a massage that includes being near the private areas and how that might make the person uncomfortable. If it comes out that he asked for something else, with sexual contact or sexually contextual in nature, then there is a problem.

  6. Agree that a glute massage is just normal and not the least bit sexual. The lawyer is smarter than to suggest that.

    So, is this a shot across the bow to show Watson that he has texts from the same or similar conversations that do show actual misconduct?

  7. I’m not buying any of these claims or allegations for one second. If a form of rape was committed by Watson at his home then why not report this to local law enforcement immediately moments after it happened once the women was out of his control? Instead she waited months and contacted a sleazy lawyer to come after Watson in a civil case? This whole thing just screams money grab to me. If texts are released that prove me wrong then I’ll change my tune.

  8. BA HA HA . Just as I have said all along. This is a shakedown for a cash grab.

  9. Why continuously release additional information publicly as opposed to saving it for the civil suit? It almost sounds like Buzbee is trying to win in the court of public opinion.

  10. For their sake they better have more damming evidence then that. After this full out assault on Watson. “IF” he did do anything wrong/illegal then he should be punished but, if not this attorney who is trying this case on social media even before criminal charges are brought will be facing a huge counter suit. So far he asked if she was comfortable, then apologized to her later if he made he uncomfortable. From that alone the lawyer seems pretty shady. Stay tuned.

  11. So this lawyer is going to try and sway the public opinion before his day in court. What a sleeze

  12. There are lots of good athletes. Just not as many good athletes with good character and decision making abilities.

  13. can you say thin veiled cash grab? Attorney better have more proof than those weak texts. Those texts prove zero

  14. No need to hire a private masseuse when all pro sports teams provide you the very best professional care. Unless, you are seeking something that is illegal from a private masseuse.

  15. Seems innocuous enough but the old adage of where there’s smoke there’s fire is usually true. Should be interesting.

  16. I am all for ending sexual assault and harassment, but if this is the strongest evidence, this really sounds more like a money grab.

  17. This is the weakest evidence I’ve ever seen by a lawyer. If the lawyer is trying to make Watson out to be a serial sexual monster, this helps Watson in his response text message

  18. How can this suit possibly advance when the lawyer is attempting to taint the potential jury pool? The judge, if one has even been assigned, should either slap a restraining order on the lawyer or dismiss with prejudice.

  19. I’m still stuck on the fact that none of these incidents led to a police investigation or charges. You now have nine women, through a single lawyer, claiming crimes happened but none of them went to the police then or anytime after. I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that the police were ever aware of any these alleged crimes, particularly since it would admit they ignored a serial predator for a considerable period of time.
    These texts do nothing to dissuade or persuade me either way as to the character of Watson. No context, and nothing exceptionally explicit or incriminating, and this is somehow to be an indication of something nefarious.
    I’ve never had a high opinion of lawyers, and the way this one is behaving does little to change that.

  20. If those texts are all Buzbee has as evidence, there’s no case and the accusations against Watson evolve to a “he said, she said” type situation. In this day and age, any “advances” towards a woman seem to be classified as sexual assault. Were I a highly paid NFL player, I wouldn’t put myself in any situation where I was alone with a woman and the situation requires physical contact. I’m thinking all these guys need to bring a chaperone to protect themselves.

  21. Presumably the primary evidence is the victims’ testimony. The texts at a minimum support that some sort of relationship between the two existed (can’t say “never met her”) and may support the credibility of the accusations.

  22. SO, 9 women. All professional massage therapists (presumably, and if not, even more questions). Which means they do this every day and would clearly know what is or is not appropriate in the context of a sports/deep tissue massage. The team offers this service and has massage therapists on staff. Why go elsewhere so often? Many quick to dismiss due to the attorney……more to follow on this for sure. Smoke/fire.

  23. Attorney’s put out their strongest evidence first. If this is the case then Watson did nothing wrong.

  24. Sending a message that reads, “Sorry about you feeling uncomfortable” reads like cover for something. It wasn’t “sorry I made you feel uncomfortable”, it was completely transferring any issue onto the other party.

    Will be pretty damning if each woman received something similar.

  25. itsouryear says:
    March 19, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    Attorney’s put out their strongest evidence first. If this is the case then Watson did nothing wrong.


    No they don’t. Everything they put out is part of the process of negotiation. This, to me, says, “here’s where the story starts, we both know where it leads. How much of it you want public is up to you.”

  26. To me sounds like it’s I’ll about the money they gonna be trying to get out this man be cuss think about it he got I’ll this ppl that’s alote of cases for him to make money off of everyone of them but what else seam like they guest trying to get read of him to put some 1 els in his place

  27. Think about it no cops where called no nothing but a lawyer this lawyer is trying to make a name out his self and to get money out this man for his game

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