Brandon Beane doesn’t expect Mitchell Trubisky to be in Buffalo long

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Bills General Manager Brandon Beane pushed back his news conference Thursday. Beane confirmed he was finalizing a one-year deal with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and wanted a chance to call Matt Barkley to thank him and wish him well before meeting with the media.

Barkley spent the past three seasons in Buffalo as Josh Allen’s backup. Trubisky now takes over that role.

The Bears drafted Trubisky as the second overall choice in 2017 to be their franchise quarterback. It didn’t work out, so Trubisky now gets a chance to start over.

“We don’t expect him to be here long term,” Beane said. “This is a kind of a one-year (deal), probably (was) not in his plans when he was drafted where he was. But we hope it’s a great reset for him.”

Beane pointed to Trubisky’s draft pedigree and his starting experience. Trubisky, 26, started 50 regular-season games for the Bears in four seasons and added another two starts in the postseason. He made the Pro Bowl in 2018.

The Bills hope Trubisky never sees the field, but if he does, Beane said “athletically [Trubisky] can do a lot of things Josh can do,” so the Bills wouldn’t have to change their offense.

“We were a game away from the Super Bowl and injures happen, and this guy has won 29 games, 50 starts,” Beane said, explaining why the Bills signed Trubisky. “He’s got a good resume even though he’s a younger player. We know how Josh plays. Josh is not scared to try and lower his pads or take a hit and if Josh was out a few games or something like that, we want to make sure we have the best player we can. It’s like any other position for depth. Whether it’s a backup tackle, a backup defensive lineman, whatever, you’ve got your starters, and you’ve got your depth players. We just think Mitchell will come in here and is excited to join in the mix, assuming he’s the backup or whatever, if Josh goes down, with his experience he would be able to keep the ship afloat until Josh got back in the lineup.”

16 responses to “Brandon Beane doesn’t expect Mitchell Trubisky to be in Buffalo long

  1. I will never understand all the Trubisky hate… he put up good-not-great stats in Chicago and could be the best QB on half the rosters out there.

  2. Trubisky isn’t a bad QB. The environment in Chicago is impossible. Trubisky won a lot of games early on, then they made that huge trade for Khalil Mack, and it just backfired. That deal was obviously sold to the owners as the deal that would put them in the super bowl, and the opposite ended up happening. Then it just put pressure on everyone, from the coaches to the GM. They’re still squirming around. Trubisky is a winning QB. Let a decent coach get his hands on him. If Josh Allen were to get injured, the Bills would be ok.

  3. Correction: Dumb. This is going to shatter Allen’s confidence same as happened to Wentz when they brought in another potential starter.

  4. Bisky is a good QB and a great teammate. He had very little help and still got to the playoffs twice.

  5. Ah, the weight of expectation that the cost of aquisition placed on Trubiski has affected people’s evaluation of his play. He has played fairly well but not enough to justify the draft capital spent. Will he ever be a solid long term starter? Perhaps a change of scenery, and management, would help.

  6. So Beane announces to the media that he will delay announcing to the media that Matt Barkley is a goner until he can call Matt Barkley and tell him he’s a goner so he doesn’t hear it somewhere else, like from the media. I’m sure Barkley will appreciate the gesture.

  7. I’m a Bears fan and I’ll root for Trubisky for the rest of his career. While he clearly wasn’t worth the second pick in the draft, he’s had some good games and he’s a great teammate and a hard worker. He definitely belongs in the NFL.

  8. Worst job on the planet of sports is being the QB of the Bears. Mitch didn’t ask Pace to trade up one spot and draft him 2nd overall. Expectations were way out of whack. That was on Pace.

    Thanks Mitch and good luck to you.

  9. Remember Chicago ran Doug Flutie out of town. I hope the best for Mitch. I bet he does get a second chance somewhere. I believe he has the talent to make it. I really thought he might end up in New England.

  10. I have to think Matt Nagy will be praying Josh Allen stays healthy this season. If Trubisky comes in and lights it up in Buffalo then Nagy’s coaching acumen will be looking a lot more suspect than it already is.

  11. jasons81 says:
    March 18, 2021 at 3:52 pm
    I will never understand all the Trubisky hate… he put up good-not-great stats in Chicago and could be the best QB on half the rosters out there


    I guess that explains the furious bidding for his services. I heard the final price tag actually exceeded $1 mil. That’s more than Otto Graham made in his whole career!

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