Broncos rescind Phillip Lindsay’s tender, making him an unrestricted free agent

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
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The Broncos had tendered Philip Lindsay at the lowest level, meaning he would earn $2.133 million if he played the upcoming season on it.

But after Denver brought in free agent running back Mike Boone, Lindsay will be playing elsewhere in 2021.

Denver has rescinded Lindsay’s tender, making him an unrestricted free agent. Both agent Mike McCartney and the Broncos termed the split a mutual decision.

Lindsay entered the league as an undrafted free agent out of Colorado in 2018 and became an immediate contributor, rushing for 1,037 yards with nine touchdowns as a rookie. After again exceeding 1,000 yards in 2019, Lindsay played only 11 games and rushed for 502 yards in 2020. Melvin Gordon had taken over as Denver’s lead back, rushing for 986 yards with nine TDs.

19 responses to “Broncos rescind Phillip Lindsay’s tender, making him an unrestricted free agent

  1. Other than being injured, he was a rare bright spot on that offense. I am surprised by this move.

  2. Good for him, always makes me laugh that he’s an NFL player that lives in his parent’s basement. Seems like a good guy and he is a solid RB too.

  3. Ugh, another Denver screw job. I was hoping that with Elway no longer being the GM things would change, but I guess he’s still calling the shots. This guy never gave less than 100%. They constantly ran him right up the middle and never utilized him in the passing game. They guy had big play potential on every play but they wanted him to be a power runner. I don’t get it. Get him in the open field and he dangerous.

    I really hope this guy catches on somewhere.

  4. Homegrown talent , im guessing a more than a few Broncos fans will be upset

  5. Odd move given he’s a Denver native and went to CU which made him one of their more popular players. And when healthy he’d played very well. Even last year when hampered by injuries he topped 100 yards against the Patriots D. He also was over 4 yards per carry every single year on an offense that struggled to do much of anything.

  6. Locker room leader and a great guy….but I have to believe the coaches see something we don’t. They see them day in and day out and think Boone will be a better component of the offense. I wish Lindsay well and he will be missed.

  7. The Broncos have done Lindsay real dirty. Low ball him and turf him out on the street. I hope he gets healthy, catches on somewhere else and balls out. He is a Pro Bowl RB when he’s good to go.

  8. After watching both of them, I’m not sure Boone is all that much better; however, Denver’s GM saw Boone a lot during his MN days.

  9. That is cold blooded, er, I mean, business. Broncos got a lot out of him on the cheap then let him go. I hope he catches on with another team. He is a baller.

  10. Makes absolutely no sense. Clearly Patton has a h-on for Boone from his MN days, the dude doesn’t even have 400 yards as a pro over three seasons. Why get rid of a fan favorite with good production for an unknown with zero production unless you to send an obvious message about showing who’s in control. Childish move.

  11. This reminds me of when Baltimore decided to Priest Holmes leave because they had Jamal Lewis.He’s gonna go somewhere else & become a star.

  12. Now thinking about it….it might be a good move for both sides. Lindsay wasn’t in Denver’s plans long term but by releasing him…they give him a shot to sign somewhere for an even better contract than his 1 year tender.

  13. Reminds me when McDaniels came in & traded fan favorite Peyton Hillis to the Browns for nothing. Hillis was on the cover of Madden the following year.

    These GMs come in to new teams & a lot of times gut the roster of talent & if they cant rebuild the team then you end up looking like the Lions every year.

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