Lawyer claims he has nine clients with claims against Deshaun Watson

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In fewer than two days, the number of claims against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson have mushroomed.

It started with one. Attorney Tony Buzbee now claims that he has nine clients who have assault claims against Watson.

“The Buzbee Law Firm has now been hired by nine women to bring cases against Deshaun Watson,” Buzbee said on social media. “The allegations are similar. We have filed three, and, as we complete our due diligence, will file the remaining ones in due course. We are talking to several others. Cornelia and I appreciate the kind words, and outpouring of support for these brave women who are wiling to come forward and be heard. No matter what you do in life, there will always be detractors. As my dad always said: ‘If you are right, go ahead!’ And so we go.”

The three cases filed to date arise from massages that Watson allegedly tried to make into sexual encounters. The NFL is now investigating the situation, and discipline is possible under the Personal Conduct Policy.

55 responses to “Lawyer claims he has nine clients with claims against Deshaun Watson

  1. It’s starting to sound like Watson may have played his last down in the NFL.

  2. This is getting crazier by the minute.

    With this many claims it’s getting harder to believe they are not true.

  3. I’m not saying Watson is innocent, but something about a lawyer going on social media rubs me the wrong way. Comes off very amateurish as if they hired Saul from BB.

  4. If he has the text messages that at least one of his clients are claiming to have, then Watson is done.

  5. So at this point I’m going to guess he would take a trade to HELL to get out of Texas.

  6. Something doesn’t seem quite right here….I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t say I trust this team.

  7. Texans are screwed too. They will get nothing of value in return on the trade market if these allegations are true…..and he may not be playing anytime soon.

  8. Well it looks like he really did play his last game for the Texans.
    Nobody wants this guy to be the face of their organization.

  9. Innocent until proven guilty. Granted these are just civil suits. But 9 is a lot.

  10. Now we know why Watson really wanted to be traded, thinking if he went to a new team this would all go away…

  11. So he’s not being charged with a crime? This is all a civil lawsuit? Any attorney can make claims against anyone. As others have said, innocent until proven guilty. I’ll wait until real facts have come out rather than rushing to judgement. And no, I’m not a Texans fan and really don’t care much about Deshaun Watson. Just think everyone deserves a fair shake.

  12. I can only speak from where I stand. I will admit I’ve always found Watson when viewed from afar as a good guy, friendly, generous with his money towards good causes. I’ve thought he’s a good player, likely to do great things, I’ve cheered for him.
    But I must admit even with the knowledge all must still play out legally that It sure seems like too much smoke without any fire. At a certain point we all must admit we only know so much of the people we cheer for, that kids idolize that make whole areas pride and mood go up and down with their fortunes and a teams. This must still go through the proper steps, and with Mr Watson and his accusers having legal counsel and their day in court. But it seems as if another of the people we hold up as a good guy, the guy so many would’ve said I want that man leading this franchise leading his teammates may not be the person we thought, hoped, assumed all along.
    If shown to be true quickly this needs to become a great cautionary tale. Anyone can fall.

  13. fearthewheat says:
    March 18, 2021 at 7:28 pm
    Texans are screwed too. They will get nothing of value in return on the trade market if these allegations are true…..and he may not be playing anytime soon.

    Not totally, if even one of these allegations are found to be true the Texans can void the contract just as the Pats did with AB.

  14. The guy was mentored by Warrick Dunn one of the most respected guys in sports. I’ would think he is a good judge of character. Best to wait on if any true evidence comes through instead of just jumping on like people tend to do now a days.

  15. It doesn’t look good at all; however, lets see the proof first. If nothing else, what’s the deal with all these massages? Don’t most athletes just use the same one? Like I said, doesn’t look good.

  16. No wonder he said he was willing to sit out the season. He’ll be too busy giving depositions. Nine? YIKES!!

  17. All civil matters. Seems odd. Not a single criminal case. This lawyer is playing with fire. If Watson did these things, why did not a single one complain or call police?

  18. Maybe Jack Easterby and Cal McNair knew more than they told when they did not seek Watson’s advice on a new coach.

  19. Fox news already has a few of the text messages. Texans should have traded him last month before the truth came out.

  20. Only two comments above suggest that he is innocent until proven guilty. Doesn’t he deserve, as we all do, the benefit of a thorough investigation?

  21. Something sure does smell about this…the timing, coupled with this sleazy lawyer, really should make one at least question what’s really occurring here…

  22. Why are these all civil suits? Because the evidence standard is much less (and paydays are much higher).

    Not saying I don’t believe them, because 9 different masseuses sure seems… excessive.

    But something is fishy here.

  23. This smells fishy. Easterby has a known long track record for
    manipulation and intimidation and the fight between Watson and the team is going to be about his salary and bonuses very soon. If Easterby can show conduct detrimental they will save 10s of millions when Watson leaves (or even if he holds out). Looks to me like this is another attempt to intimidate employees, in this case to force Watson back into playing. Or if he leaves they can recover huge amounts of signing bonus $. The timing is too perfect. I think there may be an attempt to dig up as much dirt as they can on Watson to gain leverage. Now whether the dirt is real or not, I don’t know.

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