Lawyer handling lawsuits against Deshaun Watson calls Friday press conference

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Lawyer Tony Buzbee, who now claims to have filed seven lawsuits on behalf of clients who allegedly experienced misconduct by Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, will take his case public on Friday.

Buzbee has announced that he’ll conduct a press conference on Friday at 2:30 p.m. CT.

“We will live stream the conference on Facebook,” Buzbee said. “At the conference we will provide some background to these Deshaun Watson lawsuits, provide copies of all seven of the lawsuits filed thus far, and answer a few questions.”

Buzbee also posted a photo of himself climbing out of a Bentley at an airport, with this message: “When I got to ten death threats, I stopped counting. Key board warriors blindly supporting Deshaun Watson are in full force and effect. As my sis would say, these ‘tough guys’ aren’t so tough when they aren’t in front of their computers and in their mother’s basement. Haha. I’ve said it before and will say it again: I like football, but I would never brush aside abhorrent conduct against women, just because a so-called ‘football star’ is the alleged perpetrator.”

Buzbee said earlier on Thursday that he has nine total clients. He also posted a copy of the letter he received from the NFL requesting cooperation with its investigation regarding Watson.

13 responses to “Lawyer handling lawsuits against Deshaun Watson calls Friday press conference

  1. Watson was on top of the world when he signed that contract extension in October.
    Crying and everything.
    His world has been turned upside down since then. This should be a lesson for those who think money solves all your problems.

  2. watson may be guilty. or hes not. whatever. but have you ever seen or heard a more amateurish sounding lawyer?

  3. So wait. It’s the SAME attorney representing all of the plaintiffs? And now the attorney is calling a press conference? Attorney requested a 6 figure settlement or his clients were going public? And these allegedly happened last year but they’ve surfaced right now? Does anyone else find the details of this really weird??

  4. I’m not sure what to believe. If Watson really is a serial perv and abuser hiding behind a “good guy” veneer, then he needs to face the music and pay the price. However, given that this Buzbee seems to be a grandstanding buffoon with a shady past and a possible axe to grind, one can surely question the legitimacy of these claims.

  5. Very odd tough talk for a guy who would be at even odds on the betting line with a Texans fan fresh out of moms basement. Hopefully if something actually happened this guy doesn’t mess things up because so far he seems more interested in making sure people know his name.

  6. This Buzbee character is trying to try Watson in the press and court of public opinion, instead of trying the case in civil court. Ever wonder why so many human beings hate this type of slick willy type of lawyer!!!
    If you have a real case, go to court!

  7. Getting our of a Bentley, then talking “tough” about fans on alleged threats isn’t a good look for him. BTW, if he received death threats..why no charges or police investigation? Hmm. I dont know if Watson is innocent or guilty but this lawyer seems like a shady ambulance chaser to me. He admitted to trying to settle this claim with a money settlement. Now he saying he wants justice for her/them. If the first woman settled, what would he have done about the other alleged victims? Mr Florio, as an attorney can you clarify this mess for us?

  8. Guilty or not, this ‘lawyer’ sure seems like he’s enjoying the spotlight way too much.

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