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Nearly three days into the period for fielding offers, there has been little if any news regarding offers made to free-agent receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

The Steelers’ MVP in 2018, Smith-Schuster has completed his rookie contract and can be signed by any team.

Obviously, he hasn’t gotten an offer that he likes. Given that his name hasn’t even come up suggests that teams have been aware of his contractual expectations, and that no one is willing to give him whatever he may be looking for.

The challenge when it comes to paying Smith-Schuster comes from the fact that he’s a No. 2 receiver. So if he gets something like $18 million per year from a new team, that team’s No. 1 receiver instantly will want more — unless it’s a team with a player on a rookie contract that can’t yet be re-done.

The fact that Smith-Schuster had a chance to be the No. 1 receiver in Pittsburgh after the departure of Antonio Brown in 2019 makes it even more clear that Smith-Schuster won’t be joining a team as its No. 1.

Speaking of Brown, Smith-Schuster recently was asked in a podcast appearance to name someone he’d box. Smith-Schuster said Brown. Like Smith-Schuster, Brown is a free agent and his name has yet to come up in free agency.

Before free agency, there was chatter linking Smith-Schuster to the Raiders and the Jets. The Raiders have signed John Brown, and the Jets have signed Corey Davis. It remains to be seen whether those teams or someone else makes a run at Smith-Schuster.

Ultimately, he may have to take a one-year deal and try to get the payday he’s looking for next year, when the cap goes up.

26 responses to “No news on JuJu Smith-Schuster

  1. I think you nailed it on the head. A couple years ago he might have gotten a bigger payday as teams saw him on an upward trajectory, starting to surpass Antonio Brown who seemed to have lost a step. However, recent seasons have shown him to have plateaued for whatever reason and he now looks like a good #2 receiver (nothing to be ashamed of).

    Unfortunately he seems to have the ego of a #1 and a bit of the baggage that often comes with that. Somebody will sign him, just not for what he had hoped.

  2. My advice would be to Shut your mouth wherever you sign. It’ll go a long way towards a long term deal next year.

  3. He can try out for DWTS, there is no cap there and he can focus on his passion.

  4. I’d like to see the Packers take a swing at either Juju or Will Fuller. I think both could have to settle for 1 year prove it deals. I’d expect they’d go after Fuller first since they apparently tried to trade for him last year. But if that doesn’t work out, I think Juju could give them some of that slot WR action they’ve been missing since the days of Randall Cobb.

  5. Maybe if he weren’t dancing on every opposing team’s logo last year then more teams would be willing to take a look at him.

  6. I bet he is asking for top 5 WR money, and teams are like “Child Please”.

  7. And who possibly thinks hes going to get 18 million a year? Or that he even should? It’s been repeated on this site time and time again that Golladay likely lost money by turning down 18/19 a year last year, if Golladay isnt getting 18 then neither is Juju since Golladay is the #1 reciever on the free market.

  8. You can say what you want. But when you act like an idiot on the middle of your posing teams field… Well. You better be exceptional to get a good contract.

  9. So playing with Duck and Mason in 2019 and Ben on a bum shoulder last year isn’t why he his numbers were down. He is 2 Jarvis Landry 15 million Kupp 3/48 Adam thielen 16.2 that’s his ceiling. I would love to have back in Pittsburgh at the Samuels 3/34 deal

  10. I would take Landry, kupp, and thielin over juju everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Good hands good route running decent speed. Nothing 18mil per. About his game

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