Rams, Lions announce Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff trade

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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The most-discussed trade of the NFL offseason is now official, as Matthew Stafford is heading to the Rams and Jared Goff is heading to the Lions.

The Rams and Lions announced the trade this morning, on the second day of the league year. The trade had been agreed to in February.

Both Stafford and Goff were first overall picks in the NFL draft, Stafford in 2009 and Goff in 2016. The Lions never won a playoff game in the Stafford years, and he’s now traded to a team that may be able to contend for a Super Bowl. The Rams got to the Super Bowl with Goff, but he faltered last season and they were eager to get rid of his contract.

The Lions will receive the Rams’ third-round draft pick this year and the Rams’ first-round draft picks in both 2022 and 2023. The Rams think that Stafford may be the last piece of the puzzle for them to win the Super Bowl, whereas the Lions think they’re rebuilding and those future picks will come in handy down the road.

21 responses to “Rams, Lions announce Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff trade

  1. What a steal the Rams got. Goff is a bottom five QB in the NFL. Trubisky is better than Goff.

  2. In my opinion the Lions won with this trade. Stafford has always been the most overrated QB in college and the NFL. Also, he basically forced Calvin Johnson into retirement due to leaving him out to get killed every throw. At least Goff won games (42-27) compared to Stafford (74-90-1). Rams blamed their not winning on Goff, yet they also lost Brandin Cooks and Todd Gurley on offense. Detroit blamed their losing on Stafford. Let’s see if anything changes. Probably not.

  3. “Hey Lions” – Rams

    “Yes Rams” – Lions

    “Let’s swap our mediocre QBs that we drafted way too high” – Rams

    “Ok, Deal” – Lions

    “Ok fine we will also throw in a third-round draft pick this year” – Rams

    “We already said Deal, but ok!” – Lions

    “Ok, Ok, we will also give you a first-round draft pick in 2022” – Rams

    “This is getting weird we said deal to the first offer already” – Lions

    “Ok final offer, we will give you Goff a third-round draft pick this year and first-round draft picks in both 2022 and 2023 for Stafford who has never one a playoff game in his 12 years in the NFL” – Rams

    “For all that is good in the world DEAL!!” – Lions

  4. Lions win again. By waiting a day it will cost the rams the 2.5 mil signing bonus to Goff. Lions cap increased by 2.5 or exactly what they gave to their new backup qb

  5. And the fans in Detroit can exhale. With all the posturing and pontificating this off-season, I’m not sure any other team gets a better deal for their disenfranchised QB.

  6. Lions won the trade Got brad Holmes as Gm from them add Brockers in for a 2023 7th round pick it’s highway robbery

  7. Let’s hear it for all the highlight opinions from people who have likely never watched a full game from Stafford or Goff….. okay now moving on.

    Huge Lions fan. Stafford being gone is a punch to the gut. Yes, I know all the knocks on him. Yes, he never delivered a playoff game. That doesn’t change the fact that he is the toughest SOB I’ve ever seen on the field; or at least, the toughest I’ve seen suit up since he’s been in the league. Go ahead and knock the guy for being “mediocre” … fact of the matter is, he’s the ONLY reason the Lions have won half the games they did in the past 10 years. Without him, the Lions don’t get more than 3 wins a year.

    I don’t know what Goff is going to bring, but I hope the change is what he needs. He’s 26 and has already played this game on its biggest stage. Surely that has to count for something. Let’s get to work!

    PS – Rams Nation, as long as Stafford is there consider me on the bandwagon. Good luck to you guys, if #9 can bring even half the magic to LA that he did to Detroit you are going to be in good hands.

  8. Stafford is a very good quarterback and I think he will go deep in the playoffs. I always said lets see what he can do with a good defense and good coaching. Last time he had something remotely resembling that (Caldwell and a young Suh) he made the playoffs. I will still be rooting for him.

    Lions won the trade by a landslide however. They are gonna let Goff walk after his contract, but that wealth of draft picks will really come in handy.

  9. The trade that sent shockwaves through the NFL. The Eagles thought they could get a similar deal and ended up shipping their starting QB off for a 3rd. The Texans now look like fools letting Watson go for anything less – but nobody is offering that deal. The Bears offered Seattle 3 firsts (!!) for Russell Wilson. That’s how crazy the bar got set with this trade. Who would have ever guessed the Lions would the team holding all the cards heated into the next few drafts. Rams are unfortunately in for a let down because Stafford is no winner.

  10. Stafford posted a video thanking the City of Detroit and the Lions. It runs about 10 minutes. Very classy thing for him to do. There are no photos of Matt Patricia. Enough said.

    The Rams posted a similar video wishing well to Jared Goff. It doesn’t have the emotional impact of Stafford’s video.

  11. The knock on Goff has been issues with him throwing deep passes and deciding not to run with the ball when there is open field in front of him. But he otherwise successfully ran the Rams offense and won playoff games. If he gets his confidence back, he could perform well in Detroit.

    The people knocking Stafford apparently don’t know how to read passing statistics.

  12. As a lions fan this one is bittersweet.

    It was the best move because the team needs a full reboot, and this allows the new regime to kick it off right.

    Stafford certainly had his faults, but people who try to day he sucked are idiots. I like to remind people of who our QB’s were for 20 years BEFORE MS…

    He also has been nothing but a model citizen and great in the community his entire time here.

    The conflicted part is that I wish him the best and would like to see him win, but him losing is advantageous for the Lions as it wil result in higher draft picks.

    Moat people here certainly wish him well.

  13. Loved Stafford in Detroit. However, I hope he fails so the draft picks are better.

  14. As a Packers fan, I’m thrilled Stafford will be in LA while Goff QB’s the Lions. That is all you really need to know to understand who won this trade.

  15. Go watch the Rams vs Dolphins or Jets games last year and tell me who won this trade…

    Welcome to LA, Matt.

    Winning is worth the picks.

  16. This trade and picks gets Detroit over Chicago as the 2nd best team in the NFCN after Green Bay.

  17. Go watch the texans or vikings games and tell me who won the trade. Not the team that got the 33 year old oft injured qb

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