Report: Kenny Golladay met with Bears Wednesday night

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The Giants are meeting with wide receiver Kenny Golladay on Thursday, but they reportedly aren’t the first team to visit with the free agent this week.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Golladay met with the Bears on Wednesday night. General Manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy each took part in the meeting with a player the Bears faced multiple times when he was with the Lions.

The Bears used their franchise tag on wide receiver Allen Robinson and their plans with him could change if they were to strike a deal with Golladay. The Bears could rescind the tag, which would make Robinson a late and likely coveted addition to the free agent rags, or they could trade him to another club.

Robinson would have to sign the tender from the team for the latter to become a reality and he called that a possibility when discussing the prospect of a franchise tag in February. As of now, though, Golladay is unsigned and there’s no impact on Robinson to worry about.

12 responses to “Report: Kenny Golladay met with Bears Wednesday night

  1. Golladay, Robinson, Mooney. That would be a heck of a WR corps. I don’t know why you’d ditch Robinson in that scenario. Franchise tag money isn’t that crazy at WR is it?

  2. Kenny: What’s your plans for QB position? Pace: Andy is a great quarter… Kenny: Nah I’m good! Seeya

  3. I can’t imagine Kenny Golladay going from cannon arm Matthew Stafford to the dink-and-dunk Red Rifle if he has a choice of where to sign as a free agent.

  4. Please no. Kenny you toiled away in Detroit, don’t do it to yourself in Chicago. Go find yourself a real QB and competent offensive coaches.

  5. He left Chicago without a deal. That means he expected more than the Bears were offering.

  6. That would be a lot of $ tied up in the WR position for the Bears, not to mention that a one-year rental QB is probably not the most attractive option for an NFL WR.

  7. first it was Russell Wilson and now its Golladay. Bears arent getting either.

    Golladay wants someone to offer at least 15 .His ego is taking a blow

  8. Golladay reportedly walked away from an $18m/yr extension in Detroit. Part of that decision was probably based in leaving Detroit, but still, if that move was even 50/50 about the money…. Kenny you are going to be kicking yourself man.

  9. Nobody with options wants to come to the Bears. At least for the coming season. It’s gonna be brutal in Chicago.

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