Ryan Fitzpatrick: “More than three” teams showed interest in free agency

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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Ryan Fitzpatrick is now on his ninth NFL team, signing a one-year, $10 million deal with Washington this week.

While the quarterback chose the Football Team in part because it’s giving him a chance to start, Fitzpatrick said Washington wasn’t his only option.

“It was interesting that in Year 17, this was the most sought after I had been in my whole career with all this free agency stuff,” Fitzpatrick said in his introductory press conference on Thursday. “I think part of it was just the way it wen the last two years — the adversity that we fought through as as team, [what] we were able to do as a team to turn it around in Miami.”

Fitzpatrick didn’t want to specify which other teams called or how many there were. But when pressed, he did say he received interest from “more than three” clubs.

The QB also noted he thinks he’s playing some of the best football of his career as he heads into his 17th season. Fitzpatrick won some key games for the Dolphins in his two years with the club, helping the team improve from 5-11 in 2019 to 10-6 in 2020.

“I just feel like I’ve got a lot of great football ahead of me — which sounds crazy,” Fitzpatrick said. “Being 38 years old and figuring some things out about myself, I just love football. I love the competition, I love the camaraderie, I love working together as a team for a common goal. And those are just things that I don’t know where else I would find that.”

With a team that made it to the postseason last year, Fitzpatrick has as good of an opportunity as he’s ever had to start his first playoff game in 2021.

10 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: “More than three” teams showed interest in free agency

  1. Fitz is one of the most enjoyable guys to watch. Even when he goes up against my team I still root for the guy. Would love to see him outlast Brady.

  2. The fact that someone who was a rookie in 2005 is entering their 17th season really makes me feel old. I’m glad Fitzmagic didn’t retire, he feels like the 2010’s version of Brett Favre with how much fun he has out there and is awesome to watch, and I’m not a fan of any team he’s been on. Look up when Nick Mangold scared him while giving a post game interview to see what I mean.

  3. I’m gonna miss crazy legs Fitz. Hated Miami didn’t try to convince him to go one more season

  4. Showing interest and showing 10M are not the same. The Giants were interested but not for even half that.

  5. This was never about interest or the most money. Fitz wants to be a Starter and DESERVES IT. I will always be a fan of this guy wherever he goes. Thanks for the great season in Miami.

  6. Played at school not known for its football and has survived over a decade in the NFL.
    A lot of QB’s (we know who they are) make a big splash in college and then flame out after a cup of coffee in the NFL.

  7. I love Fitz and thank him for everything, but he’s become too much of a distraction with his erratic play. He’s better than any backup in the league, but will never be given a chance to be the clear starter for more than one year. And it’s not really even his fault with such a win-now culture in the league. His best fit would be backing up an already elite QB, and not have that constant pressure of him being better than your developing QB. I’m certainly rooting for him in Washington, but would be surprised if he’s their starter after the season.

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