Second lawsuit filed, lawyer claims six total claims are coming against Deshaun Watson

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The number of Deshaun Watson apparent accusers continues to increase, thanks to the apparent efforts of a Houston lawyer to solicit more clients.

As promised by attorney Tony Buzbee, a second assault lawsuit was filed on Wednesday against the Texans quarterback. On social media, Buzbee claims that four more are coming.

“Third lawsuit of now six to be filed, against Deshaun Watson, alleging assault,” Buzbee said on Instagram. “This one is the most egregious, to date. Again, I won’t share details here, but we have open courts in our Texas Constitution, meaning all lawsuits are public record. Our staff has received numerous calls. We screen each one, and I personally talk with and screen any individual on whose behalf we file. I’ve been doing this a long time. I don’t need ‘fame,’ and, to be quite honest, and I say this as modestly as I can, if I never made another penny I would be quite okay. Point is, I’m not pursuing these cases for the money, and every woman who has filed thus far has only plead the minimum amount to invoke the court’s jurisdiction ($500). This isn’t about the money!!

“And to be clear: I’ve had many high profile cases in my life. I represented a sitting governor when he faced life in prison. I’ve represented widows, orphans, amputees, and those horribly burned or injured. As lead, I’ve handled many mass torts and class actions recovering hundreds of millions of dollars. I’ve tried and won some of the largest cases in Texas history. But, I will say I’ve never faced the nastiness and vitriol I’ve experienced in this case. People are crazy! Threatening my kids? People I know? Threatening my fiancé? Telling me they will kill me or they hope I die? All because of football?? Get a grip!! Yet: We won’t be deterred or intimidated by key board warriors. As a Recon Marine I’ve seen danger — I’m not at all concerned by dumb shits with a keyboard. Haha. I’ll continue to proudly represent those who are written off and marginalized in our society. These cases are exactly why many of us became lawyers.”

The second lawsuit, again filed by a plaintiff operating under a pseudonym, looks a lot like the first lawsuit. Both entail massages that the masseuses claim were intended to be more than massages.

In the second case, the masseuse flew from Atlanta to Houston to provide a massage to Watson. Like the first case, the complaint alleges assault.

Watson generally has denied wrongdoing. He deserves the benefit of all protections that apply to those accused of wrongdoing. No one went to the police, and no one filed criminal charges against him. Buzbee has used his social-media platform to recruit others to come forward.

Whether any, some, or all of them can make viable claims backed up by the law and the facts remains to be seen. By all appearances, Watson intends to defend himself in court.

75 responses to “Second lawsuit filed, lawyer claims six total claims are coming against Deshaun Watson

  1. I kind of made my mind up about the situation after reading all of the details on the first allegation, but hearing that there will be six more is quite disturbing. Once again I’m found asking myself the question: Why not bring the case(s) to criminal court?

  2. …soo, the Texans aren’t going to get three 1st rounders for Watson? Yikes, not looking good there.

  3. The timing of these lawsuits seems questionable, right when Watson wants another team to trade for him. The first incident happened a year ago.

  4. This is so out ov character for Watson. Something smells fishy. And before some fool calls it the national felon league, do some research. NFL players have a lower crime rate than the public.

  5. Remember how the Steelers got rid of AB just before crap hit the fan? They could have loaded up.

  6. Not one of these women decided to go to the police after the alleged assaults, that seems very strange.

  7. So to be clear 6 separate individuals came to this attorney separately all pursuing different allegations of sexual assault against the same person? And they all did it within a reasonable amount of time of one another that all of the lawsuits are to be filed within days of each other? And no criminal complaints, only civil lawsuits?

  8. If they are alleging sexual assault then why didnt they go to the cops 1st instead of the law suit?

  9. I think there is another reason (maybe six) that Deshaun wants out of Houston……………

  10. I’m a lawyer, and plaintiffs’ lawyers like this guy give all of us a bad name. Instagram? Really?

  11. Imagine the shock of a team that had just spent the 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 players for him.

  12. So why haven’t these “victims” reported these egregious crimes to law enforcement?

  13. Wow, forget about playing football. It seems Deshaun might end up suspended. Why would 6 different women accuse him? I believe them.

  14. Whatever Mr. Watson thinks of the claims, surely he is going to seek legal representation should the claims progress further.

  15. I hope the truth comes out. Regardless of the outcome, these accusations don’t help his image.

  16. I hope someone investigating this lawyer. This situation is starting to smell fishy.

  17. I know Watson really wants to get traded but this is taking it too far.

  18. Whenever someone says “This isn’t about the money”, it’s about the money….

  19. This might not end well, 6 lawsuits and a paper trail.

    Who would trade for him now with this hanging over his head.

  20. Innocent until proved guilty, but it looks like a dumpster fire for Watson, The Texans and anybody who would give away the farm to trade for him.

  21. Russell Wilson shows up to the Seahawks first mini camp with a big smile on his face.

  22. Maybe THIS is why Watson so badly wanted out of Houston…
    Hoping to run away from this?
    Who knows. Hope these claims are not true.

  23. You should not be allowed to file a civil lawsuit for any criminal allegations until after a criminal case has been filed and resolved.

  24. Deshaun definately won’t be playing for the Texans this year or any other team.

  25. Several details from the second lawsuit – Instagram PMs, hotel bookings, flights – would be easily discoverable for trial and would go a long way towards supporting the accusation. Though not proof of assault, they would indicate some sketchy behavior.

  26. Honestly really have no idea what to think. The fact that it’s going to civil and not criminal court bothers me. Add the social media posts and it just doesn’t feel how court is supposed to happen in the United States. This isn’t Judge Judy, these are serious allegations that should have gone through the appropriate channels. With that said, if they are legitimate than it should move to a criminal court but this whole process is troubling.

  27. Am I the only one struggling with this: “No one went to the police, and no one filed criminal charges against him.”

  28. Well this is the world we live in today. The sad part is in most cases justice is never done. You will never know who had real cases, who just tried to get a payday. It hurts any victim that was assaulted and it hurts people who are falsely accuse.

  29. nobull says:
    March 18, 2021 at 9:01 am
    Don’t you have to put hands on someone to assault them?
    Civil assault generally means putting someone in fear of imminent bodily harm. Battery would be the act of touching. This can vary from state to state and is not the same as criminal assault.

  30. That lawyer spent an awful lot of time talking about himself … clearly no personal agenda there.

  31. nobull says:
    March 18, 2021 at 9:01 am

    Don’t you have to put hands on someone to assault them?


    It might very from state to state, but I don’t believe so. That would be assault and battery. Just getting up in someone’s face and yelling at/intimidating them can be construed as assault.

  32. Sounds like Alex Moran never left the Goat house. Blue Mountain State, baby!

  33. Withholding judgement for now, timing seems a little suspect, publicly soliciting victims is disturbing/gross.

  34. No. That’s battery.

    nobull says:

    Don’t you have to put hands on someone to assault them?

  35. I am not a fan of the use of Jane Doe coverage in a civil case. In a criminal case it makes 100% sense. In a civil case your making a non criminal charge and in that your able to present your side of the events potentially damaging a named plaintiff while you get coverage of “Jane Doe”. Reading the complaint it is concerning and troubling. BUT, you should be expected to place your identity on the line if your calling out someone else.

  36. I won’t address the lawsuits themselves, as I obviously know nothing about the cases or accusations. But, this attorney sure seems like he is making things about himself. Why else would he write long diatribes about how he is not making it about himself, while pumping up his bio?

  37. Right on par with the Texans luck. Should’ve traded him when they had the chance. They aren’t getting anything back now…

  38. From the details of the allegations that have been published, there is no description of a physical assault. Very gross, out of line and inappropriate behavior, yes but that’s it. As with many others, I find the lack of any criminal complaints a strong factor in support of Watson.

  39. chiroubles says:
    March 18, 2021 at 7:24 am
    Whenever someone says “This isn’t about the money”, it’s about the money….

    Also, when someone says “I don’t need fame,” they are looking for attention.

  40. People saying one should have to file, or win, a criminal complaint first do not understand the fact that standard of proof is very different for civil versus criminal conviction (example: OJ Simpson). Also, bringing a criminal action depends on the decision of the prosecutor, who has to decide what cases he/she wants to spend time on, so a case might never get to trial. And it’s well established that alleged victims in these situations are frequently unaware of their rights and fearful of getting involved with the authorities.

    Not saying Watson is guilty, or that his lawyer isn’t bogus/exaggerating, that all remains to be seen from the evidence. But this “should have to pursue a criminal case first” argument doesn’t hunt.

  41. “Not one of these women decided to go to the police after the alleged assaults, that seems very strange.”

    This comment and others like it are very troubling. There are tons of sexual assaults that occur where the woman does not go to the police. The trauma associated with reporting such incidents, and the horrible treatment that reporting women receive, is well documented. If men had to endure such things they would have a better understanding of why so many such crimes are never reported.

  42. The lawyer says it’s not about money, yet instead of chasing after criminal charges, he’s chasing after civil charges.

  43. Some times you have to be careful what you wish for. You may not only be leaving the Texans, you may be leaving the NFL all together.

  44. I have a hard time believing this is just a desperate cash grab by well these women trying to get a paycheck

  45. For those wondering about why these things weren’t reported earlier, or reported to police (and yes, it is possible that they are fraudulent, but setting that aside for the moment):

    Keep in mind that at least one of the accusations involved a pretty clear threat – I don’t want my livelihood messed with, and you don’t either – which suggests a pretty clear imbalance of power, which is a common scenario for abuse.

    That power issue carries over to reporting an incident. How confident would someone be in reporting something they may not even feel sure about the criminal nature of to the police, regarding a powerful celebrity? Compare that to the confidence of working with a powerful and high-profile attorney.

    Again, it’s too soon to evaluate the substance of the claims. The timing is curious, but a delay between the events and these filings is very understandable.

  46. I don’t want to believe this about Watson, but, on the other hand, could this be the real reason that he wants out of Houston? I hope not, but this sure throws a wrench into what is already a huge cluster.

  47. The second one is a real problem for Watson!
    You can get a massage and a really good one at the team facilities or locally around Houston. Flying one in from Atlanta sounds like she was targeted. If Watson has a search history of targeting masseuse’s on his computer and they start getting questioned about what he asked for during massages, this could get really bad for Watson.

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