Source: 17-game season a done deal for 2021

NFL: SEP 17 Seahawks at Bears
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With new TV deals in place, the NFL will have a new-look regular season.

For the first time since 1978, the NFL will expand the total number of games that count from 16 to 17. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league will adopt 17 games for 2021.

Earlier today, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that a vote on a 17-game season is on the agenda for the league meetings set for later this month. The only question left to conclusively resolve is whether the league will have three or two preseason games.

The league most likely will stick with three preseason games, in order to retain the total 20-game season. Before the NFL played 16 regular-season games and four preseason games, the NFL had 14 regular-season games and six preseason games.

Also, a 17-and-3 model would allow the NFL to eventually expand to 18, with the ability to trade a reduction to two preseason games when the next season expansion inevitably occurs.

30 responses to “Source: 17-game season a done deal for 2021

  1. So the Jets have the chance to be the first team to go 0-17. Well at least Jets fans have something to root for this year

  2. This combined with the new TV deal guarantees the salary cap will go over $200M next season.

  3. I like it. I think the league will be getting rid of the 4th preseason game, the one where no starters play and the league has everyone play on Thursday night so few people will notice how bad it is.

  4. The NFL is just trying to make it harder for Tom Brady to play in an entire seasons worth of Conference Championship games.

  5. I guess I can’t look forward to 8-8 anymore with my Cowboy’s, hello 8-9 Baby! here we come

  6. mookie34 says:
    March 18, 2021 at 7:15 pm
    Another weekend devoted on the couch.


    One more weekend my wife is going to hate me.

  7. As a long term season ticket holder, I expect I will still be charged for 10 full price tickets

  8. We need to stop focusing this decision on the preseason games. 1 ,2 ,3 of em are almost pointless. Expanding the regular season is where the damage is done.

  9. March 18, 2021 at 8:00 pm
    This is a MISTAKE. The structure they had was perfect.

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    of course it’s a mistake. it’s disgusting (most of them) greedy owners and goodell as phony and corrupt as can be.

  10. WOW! So now, week 4 pre season game tickets go to full price. Still the same number of games except one pre season game now counts. Simple math now says 9-8 is a winning season. What does Vegas and other booky’s think about this? This is probably the greatet thing since the NFL brought in the 7th seed…. oh and the 6th seed and the 5th frikkin seed. Puck!! How much frikkin money do they want from us???? 7th Seed??? Really? It is like NCAA Basketball, almost every body gets some kind of frikkin payday, not just the top dogs who earned their way to the top. Apparently competition is not the true effort here anymore… 7th frikkin seed ?????

  11. I love it. Great for revenues, and with all the substituting going on these days, most players won’t even be on the field for as many snaps as when they had a 14 game schedule. Perfect win-win scenario. But the real winners are the fans. Thank you Roger! You’re the GOAT!

  12. This all but does away with .500 teams. You either having a winning season or a losing one, barring a 8-8-1 season.

  13. I don’t like it. It’s already hard enough on these guys bodies to get through a 16 game season, not to mention how hard it already is to win a division. And now the NFL is adding yet another week? I loved adding a 17th playoff game but this just seems to me like the owners getting too greedy and I think the league will come to regret this decision. A 16 game season is perfect.

  14. So just a few fully padded practices and one or two less preseason games? The product is about to become far worse. Add in a bunch of unqualified refs and coaches and you get a recipe for disaster. Hello NHL! You may be the only league that stands a chance.

  15. mackcarrington says:
    March 18, 2021 at 7:29 pm
    This combined with the new TV deal guarantees the salary cap will go over $200M next season
    Good news. I’m not sure how some of these guys can afford to feed their families.

  16. I think this will be a disaster for the integrity of the game. The players are already extended too much. Just look at how many star players have season / potentially career threatening injuries every year. It’s become “part of the game” but players’ health and longevity shouldn’t be just part of the game. NFL fans pay enough money to see the top players play EVERY week, why not model the business after making sure that they are always available to do so?

  17. Too late, but they should have made the season a week longer, but have 2 byes, and kept 16 games.

  18. Guys are getting beat up on a 16 game schedule as it is. How are they going to make it through a 17 game schedule. You’re going to have a bunch of walking dead. The good news is maybe 2nd and 3rd stringers may get to play in the playoffs and SB.

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