A.J. Green: “Refreshing” to be in Arizona

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Wide receiver A.J. Green’s long run with the Bengals has come to an end and he’s now a member of the Cardinals after signing with the team as a free agent this week.

Green was one of the most productive receivers in the league for much of his time in Cincinnati, but his final years weren’t as successful. Injuries limited him in 2018 and cost him the entire 2019 season before he returned for a career-low 523 receiving yards in 16 games last season.

That run may not inspire mass confidence about what Green has left, but he argued otherwise on Thursday and invoked the name of another player who changed teams with great success.

“Coming to Arizona is refreshing,” Green said, via the Cardinals website. “You look around the league at Tom Brady and all these other guys that have been in these same places for years, and you saw what Tom Brady did last year. I think it’s good. . . . I feel like I have a lot left in the tank. I still feel young. The legs feel young. Last year was a difficult year for me, playing with the different quarterbacks and coming off an injury. But I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. That made me a better person on the field, mentally stronger. I know I feel like I’ve got a lot more years left in me playing at a high level.”

As long as Kyler Murray is healthy, Green shouldn’t have to deal with any quarterback uncertainty and the presence of DeAndre Hopkins means he’ll see less attention than he’s used to from past seasons. The Cardinals and Green are betting that’s a formula for a rebound.

15 responses to “A.J. Green: “Refreshing” to be in Arizona

  1. I could see Green having a bounce back season. He does have less mileage than his age would dictate, and he played a full season without setbacks. Maybe a change of scene and playing oppo from Nuk can do him some wonders.

  2. Playing with a new QB was difficult last season. I feel much better about playing this year with a new QB.

  3. “As long as Kyler Murray is healthy”….

    Couldn’t the same thing have been said about Joe Burrow (or any QB)?

  4. It’s frustrating to see diva players who quit on their team, take practices off, and take plays off get second chances when there is a hungry player somewhere willing to work his butt off for a shot.

  5. Big AJG fan. I’m not sure he bought into what Zac Taylor was selling in Cincinnati? It appeared he was either playing at 90% or he’s lost a step. We’ll find out this fall.

  6. If Green and Hopkins can play anywhere near their previous levels, that’s a very impressive receiving duo.

  7. The Cardinals have signed 2 players that could be classified as “past their prime” in Watt and Green. If those 2 guys can play FB they way they have in the past, the Cardinals are a team of which the NFC West must be wary. I wonder what kind of year A. J. would’ve had if Joe Burrow hadn’t been hurt.

  8. The Cardinals have needed a tall, reliable route runner WR2 with good hands opposite DHop, along with smaller quick slot and deep guys Kirk and Isabella. Fitz last year almost played as a tight end…his speed gone but his intelligence and hands making the occasional first down. This could actually work out for Green. No CB1 or double teams to face, no need to be the speed guy.

  9. AJ Green was a top flight receiver for years with the Bengals. You don’t get the see very many games over the last few years for the Bengals on national TV so it hard to compare now versus then factor. But, the last few years have been a different with injuries and age being a factor. Will a change of scenery rejuvenate his career is the question? How much gas and fire is left in the tank? Right now that’s an unknown. To me this is going to prove to be a very good signing, or a bust scenario. It’s up to AJ.

  10. HOP & Green? And don’t forget Watt & Hudson. Remember when Kurt Warner came to AZ as a veteran player and what happened then? Well, this going to be interesting….

  11. Guy above me is very right about Warner…

    In fact….I wonder if Kurt would…….naaaah

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