Bengals trading Ryan Finley to Texans rather than releasing him

NFL: JAN 03 Ravens at Bengals
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Word on Friday was that the Bengals would be releasing quarterback Ryan Finley, but they were reportedly able to find a trading partner before officially cutting him.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Texans will be acquiring Finley. There’s no word about compensation coming back to Cincinnati in the deal.

Once the deal goes through, Finley will be the second quarterback and 26th player to join the Texans from outside the organization. They signed Tyrod Taylor as a free agent this week and those moves come against the backdrop of Deshaun Watson‘s desire to be traded as well as the mounting lawsuits filed against Watson for sexual misconduct.

Finley started four of the eight games he played for the Bengals the last two seasons. He was 58-of-119 for 638 yards, three touchdowns, and four interceptions.

12 responses to “Bengals trading Ryan Finley to Texans rather than releasing him

  1. Sounds like Watson may not be as important as he thinks he is and now maybe the NFL will be serious in looking into the lawsuits. Some have not figured out do not put you in situations as he has put himself in.

  2. Be #2 to Tyrod after Deshaun suspended. Maybe the pick is conditional on whether he wears headset or carries clipboard?

  3. Watson has a lot to worry about, but Ryan Finley is not one of those things. I liked him coming out of college, but he has shown that he is not a capable NFL QB.

  4. bengals4life says:
    March 19, 2021 at 1:44 pm
    Wow. We’re getting something for Finley? I almost feel bad for Houston.

    Ya Jack Easterley.

  5. I joked a month ago the Ringling Brothers had moved to Houston. Now it would appear Barnum and Bailey have taken up residence too.

  6. Finley is actually a really good QB. It’s tough to show anything from the sidelines or in a handful of games on a bad team. I remember people making fun of the Packers when the acquired Brett Favre from Atlanta. Nobody even knew how to pronounce his name. I’m definitely not expecting Finley to do anything in Houston. 31 teams are trying to win the super bowl. I’m not sure what Houston’s doing.

  7. @CharlieCharger: Burrow and your boy Herbert showed what a really good QB can do on bad teams. Finley is not really good. Finley does not have an NFL caliber arm and looked lost. The Bengals were going to cut him and managed to get value. Props to them.

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