Future of Sunday Ticket not yet decided

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The NFL has a new collection of TV contracts. One contract that is important to many football fans has not yet been resolved.

The future of DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket remains up in the air. The current contract runs through 2022.

Many believe that the streaming component for the out-of-market Sunday games will land with ESPN+. It’s possible that DirecTV will retain the satellite rights. Given the number of people who still don’t have access to high-speed Internet access, the satellite package remains significant.

Without Sunday Ticket, DirecTV potentially would crater.

However it plays out, Sunday Ticket will continue. For the first time since it arrived in 1994 as an offering of DirecTV, it could be headed to a new platform.

48 responses to “Future of Sunday Ticket not yet decided

  1. No single thing would be better than ala carte game, or team options. $400 to watch every game isn’t for everyone. Although, I bet LOTS of people would pay $99 to get all of their team’s games.

  2. Already cutting down my AT&T package, Sunday Ticket on chopping block for 2021 season and I have been a purchasing it since 1994. World, please fire AT&T, Matt Nagy and Covid 19 this year!

  3. Please for the love of God get away from DirecTV… absolutely no one likes that trash company

  4. I pay like $100 a season for Sunday ticket through my college kids account. Streaming via firestick through Sunday Ticket app. There are options other than having directv satellite account.

  5. I would gladly pay $100 bucks a year just to watch my team and not $300 for every Sunday game

  6. There’s no chance they offer something like $99 for their teams games. Outside if bars, 99% of people pay the 300+ to watch their teams games.

    If they switch anything, it would be 249 for your teams games and 299 for everything. They aren’t going to discount it that much, considering the whole angle they play up for home use is watching your team out of market.

    Anyway, if it leaves DTV, I’d cancel their service. I’m fine with getting all the games. Makes Sunday fun checking out whoever I want. But, whoever gets the streaming better do way with streaming one device at a time. People in households that are fans of different teams can’t watch both if they play at the same time. Thats BS.

  7. “With Sunday Ticket, DirecTV potentially would crater.”

    Think you mean “without” it.

    We’ve had DirecTV and Sunday Ticket since 1994 (yep, since it started in CT) – and Sunday Ticket is the ONLY reason we keep DirecTV – if they don’t continue Sunday Ticket, bye bye super expensive DirecTV. I’ll shop around and I know we can find a better TV deal (before anyone says it we can’t stream – we’re of the “no high speed internet access” crowd).

  8. Would think Walmart might chase Sunday Ticket for their Walmart+ program. Give Amazon Prime some competition.

  9. It is time for NFL to embrace streaming. Either cut out the middle man and use MLB’s model to build their own streaming service from the ground up cutting out the middle man with direct, or go straight to Amazon. Half the people I know do not have Facebook or any of that social stuff, but everyone has Amazon.

  10. I had Sunday ticket for 20 years, best thing to come along was NFL red zone channel, its all you need and will save you a bundle instead of paying for games you will likely never watch.

  11. I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t thought of buying/making Directv-Sunday Ticket part of the NFL Network. The mechanism is in place and ATT is looking to dump Directv. I’m sure the NFL could make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
    Why wouldn’t the NFL want 100% of the revenue? They could offer a myriad of packages from ala carte games, to team “season tickets” to specific conferences, or all the games as it is today. Just another form of pay per view, but, they keep all the $$.
    In a business where the almighty dollar is worshiped, my feeble brain doesn’t see the downside.

  12. Say it with me — single games for purchase, or single team seasons for purchase. The league is just leaving money on the table with fans like me who have absolutely no interest in 95% of the games Sunday Ticket includes, and thusly will not purchase.

  13. I agree that multiple devices in the same household need to be able to stream. I spend $400 a year and am constantly navigating red tape just to watch games that I paid to watch. I sometimes move between my garage and my living room and constantly have to sign out / sign back in to watch. Also, the NFL app lets you stream locally televised games for free yet they are blacked out on the NFL Sunday Ticket app. We would never tolerate this from any other streaming service for $10 per month, let alone the $35 per month we pay for sunday ticket. Just shows you the power of the NFL monopoly.

  14. I’ve had DirecTV and ST since ’03, but haven’t paid for it in years. I make my annual call, tell them I will cancel unless they want to heavily discount ST, and they do. Last season it was free, and I got a $40/month credit for 12 months.

    That being said, I would immediately drop DirecTV and pick up ESPN+ if that is an option.

  15. I would rather do something horrible like read a book on Sunday afternoon than give Direct TV another penny. I live out of market and watch the games that are available. I would consider paying for another service to get my team’s games.

  16. I’ve never had an issue with Sunday Ticket, many times I was given the entire season for free, either because of a promo, or just customer loyalty. If they were to change a few things such as team specific, or al la carte, it would probably sell more than just the entire season, because you would have more people opting to buy the package for just their team versus the entire league pass. They should crunch those numbers and see what the implications would be to go to that type of programming. Or it just might not be capable due to the contract they have with the NFL, it might be all or nothing. We just don’t know.

  17. Direct TV’s billing is as shady as Uncly Bunny’s corner loan business. Prices go up and up without warning…and I’m not talking $5. NFL should cut them out for how bad they are to the consumers. Zero ethics

  18. Isn’t the whole Sunday Ticket model becoming obsolete? Consumers are increasingly used to buying “skinny bundles” tailored to their specific needs. In two years you’ll be able to pay by the drink for whatever games you want.

  19. Direct is as good as dead until it merges with Dish. Also watch out for a Amazon Web Services, Dish type partnership to transmit. Dish has the pieces in place and standing up a virgin 5G network within the year is very enticing to AWS and the NFL… complete coverage.

  20. Bottom line $99 for each team yearly and $49 for the red zone! What is wrong with these people at Direct rip off!

  21. Truth be told, the Ticket has always been overkill. The best games are on by mid-year. The appeal back in the day made it seem like something special to have when most of the games just aren’t worth watching if you don’t have a rooting interest. Even if it’s your team, if they are bad, you stop wanting to watch every play of every game by mid-season when they’re 2-7 and want to watch the best teams, which the major networks will make sure get most of the eyeballs on them.

  22. Outside of the US we lost access to streaming Sunday Ticket years ago; went to Dazn in a lot of markets (Canada, Europe), and the first year experience was unwatchable on Sundays (everyone effectively got a 50% refund on that first year, since replays were still functional).

    It took them 2 full seasons to get the backend hardware in place to make this truly stable for games – so care needs to be taken when the NFL changes their streaming in the US or other *LARGE* markets.

  23. I’m so sick of having to go to a sports bar when my team is not on and eat their crap food and listen to obnoxious philly fans. I would pay $100 per game to avoid that.

  24. What I want will never happen. Instead of fans having to purchase the Directv package to see games they might not be able to see in their local market, let the fans have the option to purchase individual games every week. I have to pay for games I do not care about just to see the games and teams I do care about, which is totally unfair.
    But we’ll never see this because it would be cheaper for the fans, and we all know the NFL doesn’t give a hoot about the fans.

  25. I was a direct TV and ST super fan customer for years. It was costly, but the package was great and their customer service was awesome.

    Once they merged with AT&T , the customer service went down.

    Once RZ became available outside of ST and streaming options became better, it just no longer made sense.

    I still watch football, but I certainly watch less. It used to be that I watched my team, and then would usually watch a couple of 4pm games at once because with the ticket there was usually a game worth watching to me. It woukd usually flip around a little during my team’s Game, and their wwre times I DVR’d another game tk watch later. More times than not now after I watch the lions who play at 1pm usually, the 4pm game i get is not one i have interest in watching. Usually I’ll do something else now. I frankly watch less football than I used to.

    If I had a single game option, i would PPV games often. And if ticket was available not on DTV, I would prob pull the trigger again.

    It honestly baffles me at times because one thing that the NFL is always on point with is figuring out ways to max their money and generally speaking make the product available to anyone who wants it.

    This website has to be one of the most popular Sites for football fans to read and post on, Simply reading the comments shows that there’s a large amount of people that want more access to the product but aren’t willing to do it through DirecTV. The NFL is literally leaving money on the table here and I don’t understand why

  26. Scott Baily says:
    March 19, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Direct TV’s billing is as shady as Uncly Bunny’s corner loan business. Prices go up and up without warning…and I’m not talking $5. NFL should cut them out for how bad they are to the consumers. Zero ethics.

    I think you have the cart before the horse. The NFL charges Directv more every year so naturally they have to raise their prices to their customers.
    The greedy NFL and NFLPA is where the conversation ends, as far as I am concerned. Neither of them care about the fans, other than how much money they can squeeze out of them.

  27. As long as I have a way to stream the Chiefs games in Minnesota I don’t care I suppose. I’m kind of tired of DirecTV having issues in bad weather I’d prefer something like Comcast, but have to stay with DTV for Sunday ticket

  28. Scott Baily says:
    March 19, 2021 at 10:51 am
    Direct TV’s billing is as shady as Uncly Bunny’s corner loan business. Prices go up and up without warning…and I’m not talking $5. NFL should cut them out for how bad they are to the consumers. Zero ethics


    You think the NFL has any? The reason DTV is trying to bend you over is because the NFL is bending them over… They pay the NFL 1.5 billion a year for the exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket. Then DTV does what they can to pass that cost on to us. Yes, DTV sucks, but let’s not pretend the NFL is innocent in all of it. The NFL had the option to void the last few years of the DTV contract, but they chose to keep it.

  29. We had DirecTV and Sunday Ticket for many years and finally had enough of their lousy service since AT&T took over. It also made me crazy that on DirecTV the Red Zone Channel was only available (at a big additional cost) if you spent the huge sum for Sunday Ticket. Everybody else in my neighborhood has Comcast and, say what you will about them, they’re definitely a big step technologically above DirecTV AND you can have the Red Zone Channel all by itself. Since we made the switch last year, we watch the Patriots on regular broadcast and got 14/16 Bucs games on regular broadcast. We watched Red Zone the rest of the time and any games we missed and really wanted to see were usually shown on NFL Network during the following week.

    If somebody else offered one out-of-market-team subscriptions for around $99, I think you’d have at least 4x as many subscribers as DTV has for Sunday Ticket. They could do something like $99 per out-of-market team, then all teams for $300 or $400. I’m not going to pay that ton of money anymore for Sunday Ticket, wherever it might land.

    I would be really unhappy if any exclusive Amazon Prime deals are made. I shop at Amazon some, but I refuse to pay $99 for Prime. I can get free shipping by using a little patience and I don’t have a need for the other benefits of Prime. Prime is just a way for Amazon to pick pockets.

  30. Directv’s monopoly with Sunday Ticket has been great for them and is probably the only thing keeping them in business, but horrible for us consumers. It allows them to gouge us, not only on Sunday Ticket – but for Directv’s service as well, because we can’t get Sunday Ticket anywhere else. I dropped them a couple years back because I just couldn’t justify the cost anymore. I now find ways to stream games and chromecast it to my TV. It’s not hard, and no, after years of being bent over by Directv, I don’t feel guilty at all.

  31. Say it with me — single games for purchase, or single team seasons for purchase.

    Totally this. Make single games pay per view and sell single team packages. The problem with the NFL is most games are on at the same time. Unless you have a sports bar set up in your home you can’t watch every game at the same time. With streaming now, this would be simple to implement. The NFL is all about money and they would make so much more of it doing this. They can also cut out the carriers (middleman) now. Most everyone has Roku and similar devices now and can watch through their streaming TV app.

  32. DTV has been ripping us off for years. Rising prices with value decreasing since the Thursday games started. Want to know why they raise prices with fewer games just did not make sense to me. With Monday night and Thursday night and then 3 games on Sunday afternoon and 1 Sunday night. Will be dumping DTV immediately if you can pay to stream your favorite team.

  33. “potentially”? I’ve had DTV since 1999, and I’d be out in a New York minute if I could get the Ticket another way. Legally. Yeah, I know I can get the games “elsewhere”

  34. Make no mistake: If DirecTV loses Sunday Ticket, it’s history. Within a year. Absorbed into Dish.

  35. Got an android box …$15 a month get 2,500 + channels and every single game….yeah streaming and android boxes are legal in Canada

  36. I had Directv when I lived in Virginia for the purpose of watching the New Orleans Saints games. I thought it was an excessive amount to pay to watch one team. To top it off, several times a year, the Saints were on National tv (Sunday, Thursday or Monday night games) or the 2nd game n Sunday afternoon. I felt like I was being extorted, but I paid anyway. I was finally able to solve that problem by retiring from my job, moving back to New Orleans and buying a $20 antenna. Now I watch all their games locally for free. A retiree must cut expenses you know. Directv shouldn’t feel too badly. They got me for 15 years of revenue.

  37. I cant believe how many of you actually think picking a single team would lower the cost to $99. Their entire marketing plan is about watching your out of market team at home. And people still pay the price.

    There is zero chance it ever drops that low, even for one team. I understand people would love it lower priced. Myself included. It’s just not realistic.

    I’m sure there will be more options on the next deal, whether it’s on DTV or Amazon. Butnyoure sadly mistaken if you think you’re going to get one team for $99.

    Streaming only is going to cause major problems as well. Most bars do not have smart TVs on their wall. Many older people don’t have smart TV or fore sticks. And something is going to need to be done about streaming only one device at a time. What happens if you’re a Raider fan in Buffalo and a blizzard gives the internet trouble? Nobody’s watching it. That’s one angle that gives DirecTV a huge benefit of its customer base. More houses, more options.

    I hate DirecTV but there is benefit to having it on a box at home or a bar.

  38. Redzone has nearly made Sunday Ticket obsolete. If my team is so bad they are never in the redzone, I’m saving myself a headache by not watching them.

  39. It ceased being Directv when ATT purchased/ruined it in 2015. Before that it was a wonderful service.

  40. I have the sports package on comcast for $5 extra. I watch the Red Zone for all of the scores and highlights after the afternoon games. On top of that I used my Sirius xm to hear my team home radio broadcast. We all have issues with the greed of the NFL. For me most games are background noise and I can be happy doing what I do. However if I could get full coverage for my home team I would paid the going rate for one year, then drop it if I was not please with it. Good luck finding what works for all. Bill….the good old days… We went to Super Bowl 2, in Miami’ end zone $15.00

  41. They could go with a split model with DirecTV keeping the television rights and Amazon the streaming rights. But I suspect Amazon wants the whole enchilada.

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