George Paton: We want competition at QB, we aren’t going to force it

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The Broncos held a press conference on Thursday to discuss the moves that they’ve made so far in free agency as well as one area that still needs to be addressed.

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio said earlier this month that the team wants to have competition for Drew Lock at quarterback, but there has not been any move at the position this week. On Thursday, General Manager George Paton confirmed the team’s desire without hinting at where they may find that competition.

“We’ve evaluated all the quarterbacks,” Paton said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “We like Drew Lock. We have a plan in place and there’s free agency, there’s the draft, there’s trades, there’s a lot of ways to acquire a quarterback. Fortunately, we have a quarterback here and we have a nice quarterback room. We do want to bring in competition. We are not going to force it.”

One route the Broncos could go is drafting a quarterback with the No. 9 pick in the first round. Paton said that possibility “is in play,” but the coming weeks could lead the team in a different direction before April’s draft gets underway.

6 responses to “George Paton: We want competition at QB, we aren’t going to force it

  1. I have a great kid you might be interested in George, nice kid, great full head of red hair, really good kid, great kid, former 3rd overall pick, great in the “locker room”, no trouble at all off the field. Every once in awhile he makes plays that blow your mind…What would you be willing to give us for him?

  2. Lets see how the first 5 picks go and what QBs are left on the board, I could see Denver making a trade with Philadelphia to jump into the 6th spot if one of the top 3 or 4 QBs are still left.

  3. After years of “QB Competitions”

    As a Browns fan I recommend you pick a guy and stick with him.

    If Luck is not the guy then bring in a guy to lead for the season and stop lying to him while forcing him to look over his shoulder for the entire season and forcing big play attempts to keep his job

    QB’s need “CONFIDENCE” in themselves, the players around them, the coaching staff and the front office ….

    “Competitions” rip that away

  4. This seems to be the new trend and I just don’t get it. Teams draft a QB, throw him in as the starter immediately without many weapons or a decent line, swap out coaches and coordinators just to add some more challenges, and then when the guy isn’t instantly named All Pro they go and draft still another QB who also will be thrown into a poor situation. Denver’s line has been bad for years and they’ve had no continuity at all in which to develop a QB. I honestly don’t know how a person could fairly evaluate Lock given all that and I’d sure want to see that line improved dramatically before I spent still another draft pick on a QB.

  5. amaf21 says:
    March 19, 2021 at 10:06 am
    did elway hire this guy to make his record as gm look better than it really was?


    He was assistant GM with Vikings, so not really the GM

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