Houston Police denies contact with Tony Buzbee regarding Deshaun Watson

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During a Friday press conference aimed at giving more publicity to cases against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson that lawyer Tony Buzbee claims aren’t about publicity, Buzbee publicized the notion that the Houston Police Department has contacted him regarding the cases. On Friday evening, the Houston Police Department took issue with that claim.

“At this time, HPD is unaware of any contact between HPD and Houston attorney Tony Buzbee regarding the allegations contained in his recently filed lawsuits and no incident reports regarding these allegations have been filed in our jurisdiction,” the Houston Police Department tweeted from a verified account.

Although it’s entirely possible that each of Buzbee’s clients were assaulted by Watson, it’s also possible that Buzbee is engaging in questionable tactics to pressure Watson to settle or to otherwise make Watson look bad. Clearly, the contention that the Houston Police have contacted Buzbee regarding the cases creates the impression that criminal charges could be pursued.

The Houston Police either contacted Buzbee or the Houston Police didn’t. If that contact wasn’t made but Buzbee claims it was, this calls Buzbee’s personal integrity into question.

Again, it’s possible that all of Buzbee’s clients were assaulted and that he’s engaging in unfair or improper tactics.

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  1. Charlatan

    Clients are being poorly represented. I’m starting to think that the real victim here might be Watson. In any case, I am confident in nothing surrounding these allegations & will ignore any more information about the complaints until from an independent, reliable source.

  2. It’s not a stretch to think that somehow McNair & Easterby are behind this. Someone needs to check and see if these plaintiffs have already received some kind of payoff simply for their participation.

  3. Deshaun, you had 140 million reasons to be happy with one women. Just always remember… a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

  4. Could it be this previously unheard of lawyer is doing this to promote himself? Why would 9 or more women all wait to file charges at the same time? Anyone can make an accusation but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Something doesn’t fit right here.

  5. Or simply that Watson is telling the truth and this lawyer is just another unethical lawyer that should be disbarred.

  6. The cracks already showing in this case, already?

    First the instagram reveal, then all the publicity with the Bentley and the aircraft. That’s Bush League. Makes this whole ordeal seem like a farse. Watson’s lawyer, a legit attorney that got Roger Clemons acquitted, should be licking his chops and preparing a counter-suit for defamation.

  7. mackcarrington says:
    March 19, 2021 at 7:37 pm
    It’s not a stretch to think that somehow McNair & Easterby are behind this. Someone needs to check and see if these plaintiffs have already received some kind of payoff simply for their participation.

    Yeah because there’s definitely a system in place that would allow some to check that and the people in question would definitely answer that question honestly

  8. These allegations seem less plausible with each move this attorney makes. Instagram posts, press conferences, and now potentially false claims regarding police contact. Credibility has not been established.

  9. I’d be super curious to know if there’s a clause in Watson’s contract extension that voids his guarantees if he is suspended under the personal contract policy.

  10. thisismy5thaccount says:
    March 19, 2021 at 7:43 pm
    Deshaun, you had 140 million reasons to be happy with one women. Just always remember… a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    …OR, people have $140 million reasons to make a false accusation in hopes of a settlement. Just always remember…even off the playing field, a QB still needs to maintain ball control.

  11. Should not be allowed to file criminal allegations in civil court if they have not gone through criminal court first.

  12. So if the lawyer’s lying, what about all the girls? I mean, 12 girls had a crime happen to them, but none of them called the police? False allegations should be punished as hard as the crime itself. I have no sympathy for rapists. I don’t believe in second chances for them. You don’t rehabilitate a rapist. They should never be in position to commit two rapes.

  13. If a player is suspended by the NFL for conduct it will void his guarantees.
    But Watson still has the Bonus money paid already. He would forfeit only for missed games.
    If his contract was voided he wouldn’t have to return the signing bonus other than any suspended games. He’d make a killing as a free agent also.

    If not voided and forced to play Watson can start throwing picks and become a turnover machine. Then The Texans will get zero for him in a trade.

  14. for allegedly 22 women that are filing suit, this Attorney is very short on specifics. Then get this, he goes “not all of my victims may be comfortable pursuing charges” Uh then you have nothing but a smoke screen.

  15. Watson knows what’s up.
    He either did something and is very worried, or he is seeing first hand real power mobilized against him.
    Either way, all of us jumping in with fast opinions are the blowhards.

  16. Watson doesn’t need to do anything but let Buzbee keep talking. Bubble/Buzbee will lose this on his own incompetence.

  17. At this point, I have no idea what to believe. Any outcome to this entire fiasco wouldn’t surprise me.

  18. For everyone saying Houston ownership is behind this, why wouldn’t they trade him first before try and ruin his reputation?

  19. Lol clearly Buzbee wants this case settled quickly out of court; Without his clients filing a criminal complaint or being questioned by the police. Hardin is a good Lawyer and will figure it out for his client.

  20. This Buzzbee sure seems to have a personal vendetta against Watson. Did he lose money on a game or something? It seems so hate filled and personal. If this all comes down to a Watson he said, she said thing. I’ll tend to lean toward Watson. They need to look into possible pay-offs ect. The way this Buzzbee guy is trying this case in the media, releasing texts, and now publicly lying about HPD being involved is shady. Why isn’t there criminal charges? When did these incidents happen? If these woman wanted justice instead of money..they wouldve each filed or said something a while ago before they even knew Buzzbee existed..hmm

  21. I’m more concerned Houston has 12 sexual harassment victims of a 25 yo millionaire and the police aren’t investigating it!??

    Whether they admit it or not – the HPD investigation is coming

  22. How did none of these girls call the police? Not one single one called the police. I’m not buying these charges at all.

  23. Something just isn’t right with this. I am not saying that DeShaun Watson is automatically absolved of all guilt, but the way this has played out just seems off. First it’s one woman. Then 4. Then 8. Then 9. Then 12. Now the plaintiff’s lawyer lies about being contacted by the police department regarding the cases.

    Without any police reports or rape kits this falls on the plaintiff to prove wrong doing. It seems as a non lawyer that having reported criminal acts would help the civil cases.
    Also I would think if I was the lawyer I would be keeping my mouth shut and saving any evidence I had for court so that it would help my case instead of announcing it to the world.

    This lawyer sounds like the guy kind that advertises his services on Craigslist.

  24. We forget that anybody at any time can be accused or have a lawsuit filed against them in criminal or civil court with just reasonable doubt. A civil lawsuit is a judicial proceeding that arises when an individual or entity files a petition seeking payment from another individual or entity for some wrong. What these women are accusing Watson of is felony assault. This sounds like a shakedown…

  25. Some of you catching on yet? Dude flat out lied that he’s contacted the police, none of these people went to the police, and they all want money while this guy, who has ties to the Texans, is engaging in a smear campaign on social media daily. Sounds pretty fishy to me. Hey, but that’s just me.

  26. My gut feeling from the start has been that someone in the Texans is behind this – and possibly the McNair’s don’t even know. On the surface, it doesn’t make sense because it destroys trade value. But if it voids guarantees and damages Watson’s career, maybe they don’t care. The hope of vengeance makes folks do funny things.

  27. holeinone09 says:
    March 20, 2021 at 7:39 am
    Anyone remember Michael Avenatti?

    Tight end out of San Diego State?

  28. LOL… a lawyer using questionable tactics… that is RICH. That is the game. Bottom line: Watson’s stupid entitled behavior is the root to this mess…………..Watson apparently did the deeds.. now he’ll face the fire.

  29. Anyone can do to anyone what Buzzby is doing. Heck, people accuse others of something every day on facebook. If Watson wasn’t worth millions and Buzzby didn’t have social media, this wouldn’t even be news.
    At the very beginning, Buzzby said this was all public knowledge, except it wasn’t, because if it was we all would of known about this a long time ago. There’s not one case involving the police and criminal charges. All there is proof of here is that a lawyer of questionable character is filing civil suits for every accuser coming forward daily. Watson hired a lawyer and already stated he wasn’t paying hush money when he had the chance. This is just a smear campaign, and an expensive one. If I was an accuser I wouldn’t be signing on with Buzzby just because of the possibility of the optics of it all.

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