Kenny Golladay is looking for $18.5 million per year

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The Bears reportedly offered receiver Kenny Golladay a contract in the range of $11 million to $12 million per year. That wasn’t nearly enough to get a deal done.

Per a league source, Golladay is looking for a contract with a value in the range of $18.5 million per year.

That’s well below the top of the market, but no one is getting top of the market money this year, not with the cap decline. Bucs linebacker Shaq Barrett, the top pass rusher in the 2021 class, accepted a base rate of $17 million per year; Chargers linebacker Joey Bosa is still the highest-paid pass rusher, at $27 million annually.

We’ll see whether Golladay gets $18.5 million per year or close to it. Ultimately, his best play could be to sign a one-year deal and get back to the market in 2022.

26 responses to “Kenny Golladay is looking for $18.5 million per year

  1. I think he’s overvaluing himself, and undervaluing the quantity and quality of the NFL WR. While the Bears were lowballing him in general, I suspect that’s closer to what he’s going to have to settle for this year.

  2. If he’s going to sign a 1 year, prove-it deal, then Cincinnati makes sense. Burrow is already a better QB than Dalton or Jones.

  3. Good for him. Unfortunately the timing just isn’t right. Especially with the WRs in this year’s draft.

  4. What’s he had, two good years? And is hurt often? Not even close to a top ten WR, be lucky to crack the top 20.

  5. Dont do it Gettleman…learn from your past mistakes!! Last years around this time Jameis was asking for 20+….just sayin’

  6. Golladay is insane. He’s a good player with a career season high of 1189 yards, coming off an injured year. You’re shooting at least $4 mil per year too high.


    In a cap friendly year he would demand $18.5 million/year. I think that the offer made was right his market value, maybe a little bit on the low side, but the guy has 2 good seasons in his initial 4 and 2019 was really the only season he could be argued as a top 10 receiver.

    2019: 65 Rec (#42 overall), 1190 yards (#7 overall), 11 TDs (#1 overall), y/rec 18.3 (#3 overall), but the really troubling stat is Reception % of 56.0%, which is a dismal #172 overall.

    He might be a top 15 WR, definantly a top 20, but not yet a top 10. If he wanted that big of a contract then he needed to stay healthy last year and repeat his performance from 2019. Not worth $18.5MM and he isn’t going to get that . . . he needs to take a one year deal for less than that $11-$12MM average, as the team that signs him to one year has no ability to play cap games with a signing bonus. They might be able to defer some if it is signed as a two year deal with the second year at a large number but voidable and non-guranteed by the team. Either way he isn’t going to make what he expects.

  8. Someone tell him he played for the Lions. He isn’t Calvin Johnson either so he needs to calm down on that amount of money.

  9. I want $20 million for my house. It’s only worth about $170,000, but I want $20.

    I have to wonder what the people who work at kwikie mart think about this?

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