Monday night flex scheduling will start in Week 12

NFL: DEC 21 Steelers at Bengals
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The NFL had resisted for years the concept of flexing bad late-season Monday night games out of the prime-time slot, given the various logistical challenges associated with moving games not by a matter of hours but by a full day. The NFL has decided to live with the logistical challenges.

Per a source with knowledge of the new Monday Night Football deal with ABC and ESPN, flex scheduling potentially starts in Week 12. With at least 12 days’ notice, a game from Sunday can be moved to Monday night, and the Monday night game can be moved to Sunday.

The flexibility adds significant value to the Monday night package, giving ESPN/ABC and the league the ability to avoid games that may seem compelling in April but that can become stinkers as the season unfolds.

The flexibility comes with a cost. For teams flexed into and out of Monday night, long-settled travel arrangements will have to be changed, quickly. For fans, travel plans and work schedules may have to be adjusted, quickly. Also, tickets may need to be re-sold (preferably through the league’s official ticket reselling platform).

It would be smart for the league to come up with devices for assisting fans who find themselves in a scramble to change plans. Even if it’s a simple ability to automatically sell tickets back to the NFL at cost for either game affected by the Monday flex, that would be an appropriate gesture.

For other potential expenses, including plane fare, that’s now a risk that will be assumed by anyone who makes late-season plans to travel to a distant city to take in a game. The best advice is simple — make your trips before Week 12.

Otherwise, that Sunday game can become a Monday game, and that Monday game can become a Sunday game.

12 responses to “Monday night flex scheduling will start in Week 12

  1. Ok, so what’s next flexing games into and out of Thursday? The flexing policy is why I gave up season tickets.

  2. Flex Thursday night off the schedule for good. It’s the reason the nfl screwed up overtime with 10 minute quarters.

  3. This is a bad policy based exactly what was written in this article. A lot of working people are going to be screwed. So much for caring about the fans…not that they did in the first place. 👎

  4. This is great news. No more two-win teams in week 13 on MNF anymore. If the flex is an inconvenience to your plans, then boo freaking hoo! That’s a personal problem. This helps all fans, not just you.

  5. Wouldn’t need MNF flex option if you didn’t shift all the marquee games to SNF in the first place…MNF used to be the king, but since they moved to espn, NFL scheduled them trash games

  6. The NFL is eating itself.

    17 game schedule ((Why? It WAS perfect as you could get )
    Expanding playoffs. (Why? The system that WAS in place was almost perfect expect those crying about preseason games).
    Flexing MFL games.
    Chasing the dollar
    End of days are near (sadly).

    I love watching football as long as I can remember, but the product has been suffering for quite some time. To say otherwise you are just kidding yourself.

  7. Moving forward, seems like week 9 is about the right time to start paying attention to the NFL season. Right around Halloween. The rest of it is going to be a glorified pre-season.

  8. We all want the best games possible, but it can’t & won’t always be the case. Moving a game from Sun afternoon to Sun night (and vice-versa) is one thing, but moving a game to MNF (and thus, a MNF game to Sunday) creates much higher travel & itinerary challenges. It is an absolute slap in the face of fans spending money to support & experience the game live. It will inevitably cheat people out of the experience of attending a game whom planned a whole, expensive itinerary around it. This proves the TV contracts are more important than the fan experience. The NFL media gripes at & bemoans NFL towns whom don’t support their teams w high attendance numbers, but then do things like this. Fans should seriously stop attending games all together for a cpl years to show the NFL it’s become too big for its britches.

  9. Sucks for people that actually attend games, great for tv audiences. The NFL loves having NFC East match ups on primetime when it is clearly a weak division.

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