NFL strips Vikings of seventh-round draft pick for salary cap violation

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The Vikings have been disciplined by the league office for violating the salary cap.

Minnesota forfeits its seventh-round draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft, according to the Star-Tribune. The pick the Vikings lost is No. 242 overall.

The violation stems from a practice squad player’s contract in 2019. There’s no word on who the player was or why an infraction committed during the 2019 season is only coming to light now.

Three Vikings executives were fined $10,000 each, in addition to the penalty against the team.

29 responses to “NFL strips Vikings of seventh-round draft pick for salary cap violation

  1. No worries. Rick will trade back 5 times and pick up another 11 seventh rounders.

  2. its ok, cheat on the salry cap, and lose a 7th rd pick…..have a fund raiser for charity and take your face mask off, and you lose a 6th rd pick…go figure

  3. Have your camera man mocking a former protege in broad daylight, 1st rder and lies galore to follow.

    I won’t even mention Framegate II or III as fraudulent as those are.

    Sweet punishment, Sheriff Goebbels. Trying to circumvent the cap and a slap on the wrist as repeat offenders. In 2000, the Vikes pumped in crowd noise.

    Start checking the Chiefs, Bucs, Rams and Bears books now. They are all at or over the cap.

  4. The NFL got so mad at the Vikings that they took another 6th round pick from the Raiders.

  5. Minor. It’s not like they got kicked out of the league for cheating or committed insurance fraud or violated ir rules by putting a player back on ir with the same injury

  6. Is this more embarrassing than missing your turn two drafts in a row in the first round? Probably not but nice work nonetheless!

  7. Hey, I got banned from Facebook for 30 days for a post I made a year ago. I don’t feel so bad now.. not that I ever did.

  8. It sounds like this could’ve been rectified with a wink and a nod and some Justin Bieber concert tickets.

  9. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    March 19, 2021 at 6:30 pm

    Wait… what happened to the magician?


    It’s easy to pull a rabbit out of a hat after everyone sees you put the rabbit in the hat.

  10. My joke making fun of my own team was way better than every try by the Packer faithful. I’m like Eminem.

  11. mantastic54 says:
    March 19, 2021 at 6:41 pm
    They should have added a year to Cousins’ contract as punishment


    I laughed so hard I think I peed a little…..

  12. You have to cut corners and bend the rules when you need to pay Kirk. More guaranteed money today as I understand. Beautiful.

  13. You can get a player on the street with 7th round pick. It’s a crap pick anyway.

  14. I’ve often wondered how the league keeps track of the salary cap from each team. Some of the contracts seem very complicated. They must have an army of accountants and lawyers working on this stuff. Well, I guess if anyone was wondering if they did indeed keep an eye on it, this would answer those questions. I’d still be willing to bet they don’t catch every infraction.

  15. You can get a player off the street with 7th round pick and still better than Packers drafting Jordan just to pay him sitting.

  16. I am having trouble believing that s practice squad player made so much money that they blew up the salary cap. I suspect it is some procedural thing rather than a real financial issue.

  17. Sounds like they may have agreed to pay some practice squad guy under the table to keep him from joining another team.

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