Rams paid Jared Goff roster bonus, traded third-round compensatory pick to Lions

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A couple more details of the long-awaited Matthew StaffordJared Goff trade have trickled out since the trade became official yesterday.

One is that the Rams, not the Lions, paid the $2.5 million roster bonus that Goff was owed. That bonus became official when Goff was on the roster on the second day of the league year, and that’s why the trade didn’t become official until Thursday, which was the second day of the league year. The Rams paid Goff the roster bonus just before making the trade official.

Another detail is that the third-round draft pick the Lions are getting is a compensatory pick. It had previously been reported that the Lions were getting the Rams’ regular third-round pick, No. 88 overall, but the Lions are actually getting one of the Rams’ two compensatory third-round picks, either No. 101 overall or No. 103 overall.

It has not been disclosed which of the two picks is heading to Detroit, but if it’s No. 103, that would mean that Lions General Manager Brad Holmes is getting the pick the Rams were awarded for losing Holmes. Holmes previously worked for the Rams, and the league awards third-round compensatory picks to teams who lose minority staff members who become general managers or head coaches of other teams. The Rams got such a pick for losing Holmes to the Lions.

6 responses to “Rams paid Jared Goff roster bonus, traded third-round compensatory pick to Lions

  1. Good deal. The lions should get that pick anyways. They hired him. And he’s crushing it so far.

  2. Holmes is getting it done. Taking out the trash that the last regime left in the cupboard. Not overpaying and looking long term. Been a Lions fan for over 30 years and this is the first time since the 90s that they resemble a real team and not a clown show.

  3. steeelfann0155 says:

    March 19, 2021 at 8:16 am

    I thought it was rule that comp picks cannot be traded? No true

    Comp picks are now tradable, they weren’t in the past.

  4. Goff is like a slot machine that continues to pay off (for other teams):
    -2016 First round pick
    -2017 First round pick
    -2016 2nd round pick
    -2016 2nd round pick
    -2016 3rd round pick
    -2021 3rd round pick
    -2022 First round pick
    -2023 First round pick
    -$134M contract
    -2.5M “bonus”

  5. My question is, why does Les Snead still have a job? The only draft pick he made that turned out well was Aaron Donald. Snead’s mismanagement cost the Rams Michael Brockers and countless draft picks they gave away so they could move up in the draft to take Jared Goff.

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