Report: Bears would like to pair Kenny Golladay with Allen Robinson

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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When news broke that the Bears were talking to free agent wide receiver Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson quickly signed his franchise tender, fearing that the Bears would pull the franchise tag if they signed Golladay and that Robinson would end up having to settle for less than the $17.9 million franchise player salary.

But Robinson’s signing doesn’t necessarily preclude the Bears from signing Golladay.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears are still offering Golladay a one-year contract in the range of $11 million to $12 million and trying to sell him on the idea of playing alongside Robinson as one of the top wide receiver duos in the NFL.

Robinson and Golladay together would give Andy Dalton a better pair of targets than Mitchell Trubisky ever had in his four years as the Bears’ starting quarterback. But it remains to be seen whether the Bears’ financial offer for Golladay is one he would accept.

13 responses to “Report: Bears would like to pair Kenny Golladay with Allen Robinson

  1. Are the Bears aware they are over the cap and about to gut the defense? Hicks and Fuller are gone, who knows who else to get under the cap.

  2. If the Bears get Golladay then Dalton will be lightening it up like 2015 when he had AJ & Marvin Jones all in their prime.

  3. Of course you still have Dalton on the other end. Tried and true formula for failure: start with a second rate QB and spend, spend, spend at every other position. Stellar work, Pace.

  4. With the Bears, no matter what they do, who they sign, whatever, given their recent history and track record, it has to be “show me, don’t tell me.”


  5. While the strategy of decimating the defense in order to create a paper tiger on offense is insane, at the very least it IS a strategy. Maintaining the status quo would ensure the Bears are stuck in a perennial death spiral for years; trying to shotgun wedding an aggressive offense would at least lead to spectacular results–most likely a spectacular failure, but it’s at least something. Golladay may not be the right right answer here, but I’m intrigued–and terrified–by the thinking.

  6. Releasing Fuller put the Bears well under the salary cap. Trading Hicks or Levin come and go was something I didn’t think they were going to do. Edwards is a good player. Keep Urban and drafting Hick’s replacement should work for the Bears. Hicks is getting any younger, so not surprised by this move. I am surprised Fuller wouldn’t re-work his contact to stay here. There’s just not a big market out there this year with the salary cap reduction, and not a big market for CB’s or WR’s

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