Alex McGough is under investigation for alleged bar attack

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Seahawks quarterback Alex McGough may have gotten one too many questions about whether his team will be trading Russell Wilson.

According to, the Seattle backup is under investigation for punching a man in the face at a Tampa bar on St. Patrick’s Day.

The alleged victim, 24-year-old Anthony Albino, claims that McGough attacked in connection with a dispute regarding McGough’s girlfriend.

Albino told that he intends to press charges. Per the report, the matter is under investigation. Police hope to speak to McGough soon.

McGough, a seventh-round pick in 2018, is one of four quarterbacks on the Seattle offseason roster.

8 responses to “Alex McGough is under investigation for alleged bar attack

  1. Guy made a pass at his girlfriend and he decked him. Sounds like an appropriate response. At least when I grew up it was appropriate for a man to defend a woman and put drunks in their place…

  2. fumblenuts says:
    March 20, 2021 at 10:51 am
    Oh McGough……You’ve done it again! 😂😂

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    Clear winner. Millennials need not apply. Move along! bawahah!

  3. It is difficult to be upset with a football player who punched somebody out to protect a woman for a change.

  4. Note to all NFL Players: please stay out of Florida during the off-season nothing good can come from it.

  5. Reading the link, the victim claims he was reconnecting with an old friend. This hardly warrants being punched in the face. Even if he was actually hitting on the guy’s girlfriend, why assault someone and jeopardize your career? She could just shoot the guy down, problem solved. Not very smart McGough.

  6. i like the old days, when i was growing up I was in a few bar fights. In the end we all went home and drank about it. Not today, today it will be I got punched in the face by a guy, I want him arrested, ok if he cuts me a check I will drop the charges win win. Now looking back I think I should have gotten into fights with guys with money. That was my mistake.

  7. If a millionaire athlete is dumb enough to punch me in a bar, you’re damn right I’m getting paid. Stupid is as stupid does.

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