Carson Wentz: I have a lot of respect for Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
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Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson are both gone after an ugly season in Philadelphia, but Wentz says he and Pederson didn’t butt heads as much as people think.

Wentz, who has been traded to the Colts, said he still thinks highly of Pederson.

“I still have a lot of respect or coach Pederson, and without a doubt, those reports are very exaggerated,” Wentz told Pat McAfee. “I don’t hear a lot of them, they come to my attention from my agents or different things, but I have a lot of respect for him, and it was unfortunate for everybody how the whole thing went down.”

Wentz acknowledged that much went wrong during the 2020 season. But he says it was never personal between himself and Pederson.

9 responses to “Carson Wentz: I have a lot of respect for Doug Pederson

  1. don’t knos about the bust part but every word of that statement is a lie. what a hypocrite. somehow the eagles just ate 33M in dead cap and the reports were exaggerated.,,,, sure.

    this guy thinks adding a god bless at the end makes it all upright. sorry pardner. maybe they believe that in north dakota.

  2. It’s not a lie if you believe it.

    The question is can Wentz get his new team to believe in him.

  3. Wentz is disliked by his former team mates and sounds like a jerk.
    He has a fresh start and it’s all on him to play well and act like a grown up.
    Given his salary if he’s performing so-so the Colts should bench him so they don’t owe a 1st round pick. Wentz may get mad, but if he mouths off too much he can be suspended for conduct detrimental, and his guarantees voided – meaning he can be cut after the season without being owed any money.

  4. There were reports that he’d go out there and kill a play — lose a down, that is — just because he didn’t like the call.

    He can say there were exaggerations about the conflict between him and Doug, or he can say they didn’t butt heads all that often, but I’ll tell you what: every Sunday last year, it looked for all the world like killing plays was *exactly* what he was doing.

    That may not be “butting heads,” but when it’s a level of passive-aggression that spills onto the field like that, it’s unacceptable.

  5. This dude just screams phony. Him and Howie deserved eachother. I wish Howie had traded himself with wentz.

  6. Anybody who watches every snap of of every game and reads all the articles and listens to the local talk shows know that there is a general bias towards this quarterback. Some want him to be perfect at everything he does or say all of the time. Some don’t like him because he expresses his Christian faith. Some don’t like him from being a division 2 college in N. Dakota. Maybe some don’t like him because he doesn’t criticize anyone in public. Some might not even like the way he looks. Hearsay and hypotheticals only contributes to all unfounded rhetoric. Give me the the first person quotes and not from unnamed sources. Good luck to your new team . You gave your all here even if it wasn’t perfect.

  7. 1st down: KILL!
    2nd down: KILL KILL!!!
    3RD down: KILL KILL KILL!!!

    He did that more than Manning yelled Omaha! I do believe he was changing plays, often times before he got settled. He might do well, he might not. But for that amount of money…he’s better off in Indy where the fan base is just happy to have stolen a franchise.

  8. An amazing non story of things falling apart and actually should have a story written about it. Animosity isn’t there. Eagles had a horrible year, things came to a head, it all broke apart for the best of all the pieces involved. Futures are bright…that covid year in Philly was dark and scary

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