Giants sign Kenny Golladay

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The best available wide receiver in free agency has found his new home.

Kenny Golladay has signed a four-year, $72 million contract with the Giants, according to multiple reports.

Golladay has spent his entire career with the Lions, who selected him in the third round of the 2017 NFL draft. He led the NFL with 11 touchdown catches in 2019 but had an injury-plagued 2020 season in which he played in just five games.

Now he’ll play with Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and attempt to improve a franchise that hasn’t won more than six games in a season since 2016. The Giants need someone who can make plays on offense, and they’ll hope Golladay proves to be a big part of a franchise turnaround.

44 responses to “Giants sign Kenny Golladay

  1. this is great news…i see kenny would rather play for an up and coming qb then a rb who thinks he’s one

  2. Turns 28 during the year. He will be good for maybe 2 years of that deal. Probably better off getting the 3rd rounder comp pick in return.

  3. Stafford to Jones is a big step down for Golladay. Expect his numbers to suffer accordingly.

  4. With how dead this WR market has been a guy who only played 5 games last season reeled in this haul? Wow.

  5. Lets be real…he didnt choose Jones…he chose to get paid…and the Giants were the onnly ones dumb enough to give him that kind of money. Good news is…they only have to win 6 games to win the division each year.

  6. Raanan has been clued out since his source Marc Ross was terminated. Josina Anderson has been locked in on Golladay-Giants at every step. Props to her self created media entity.

  7. I’m curious to see how much is guaranteed. I can’t imagine he’s getting more than 20 guaranteed. I’m guessing it equates to an inflated one year deal w/ language that reads “ I won “ in the public eye.

  8. As a Lions fan, I know thank you and I appreciate your kind words, let me assure you the LAST thing we want is to accidentally have talent on the field. This was a last ditch effort to make sure NO portion of the end zone gets overused this coming year. If you score a TD, they might expect another. Fans are like that. Well, consider this a public service announcement on behalf of Lions fans and all year no matter what they predict pick against us.
    Honestly can’t pick whom is the best player on the roster, and it’s not good indecision. If Matt Prater had stayed as the kicker he’d be the easy choice I think and that’s pathetic.

  9. Seems Giants were bidding against same phantom forces Gruden was in signing Drake. That is some lifeline Gettlemen extended.

  10. I admit I’m surprised it’s the NY Giants Football Team that got him under contract. For a multi year deal, no less. The NY Marketing & available money must have been the deciding factors.

  11. I bet this is more like $16 mil per. Every single deal has been false advertisement from the players agent.

  12. He’s great on 50/50 balls, but 18 million per season is too much for the Lions to pony up.

  13. riverhorsey says:
    March 20, 2021 at 4:21 pm
    Sounds steep for a guy that only played 5 games last year

    Players miss time for all sorts of reasons. He played well in years 2-3 of his career. Year 4 was a rough one. The Giants certainly hope years 5-8 are played better than all previous years. Its gonna be tough to live up to that contract.

  14. The good news is this signing also makes Jones, Barkley, Shepard, and Slayton better players. So even if Golladay’s production alone isn’t worth $18 million, his presence will allow others around him to outplay their contracts.

  15. great signing by the Giants. Whether the QB can get him the ball is a different story

  16. bkinacti0n says:
    March 20, 2021 at 4:38 pm
    The good news is this signing also makes Jones, Barkley, Shepard, and Slayton better players. So even if Golladay’s production alone isn’t worth $18 million, his presence will allow others around him to outplay their contracts.
    The thing is he was rarely if ever double teamed because he gets little to no separation from the CBs . His biggest assets are winning 50-50 balls along with being a good red zone target . While he will help the offense he’s not the type of player defenses are going to gameplan for. The other issue is Stafford had the accuracy to put the ball where Golladay could get it but Jones has yet to prove he can do the same . The other problem is Golladay has maturity issues which led to his attitude being question by coaches and players alike as well as making social media posts that reflected poorly on him . With big money playing in New York it’s going to be interesting to see if he can deal with the pressure being in such a huge market compared to Detroit .

  17. “Probably better off getting the 3rd rounder comp pick in return.”

    Yeah, it’s always better to lose a Pro Bowl WR and get a 3rd round pick …

  18. Why would you choose Daniel Jones? Bad move.


    Lol. Ummmmm. Lemme see. He has $72 million reasons. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  19. But, but, but, Steve Smith said no player would ever want to sign with the Giants.

  20. Stupid short-sighted and greedy, he could have played with Joe burrow put up monster numbers and made a fortune next year. Now he’s going to put up average numbers the next four years in his career will be on the downward trajectory

  21. It’s $40 million guaranteed, so if it goes 3 years it’s #13.3 per year. I like Jones. With Barkley back and Fuller and Engram at TE plus Ross and Shephard should be a better offense this year.

  22. It feels like the Giants felt like they absolutely HAD to make some kind of splash signing in free agency, strictly for optics, and Golloday was pretty much their only option remaining.

  23. I’m a Giants fan. I don’t like the signing because of the numbers which I haven’t seen broken down….though if what mindelm42 just laid out at $13.3 thats reasonable I suppose. But doesn’t $72 with $40 guaranteed come out to $18 per year ? Or is the base salary of $32 backloaded ? I don’t understand.

    I’d rather they had gotten Corey Davis or Will Fuller. But they know better than I do.

  24. As a Lions fan I watched pretty much every game Golladay has played. I would have to say that Golladay (Like Calvin Johnson before him) helped Stafford more than Stafford helped him. He will help the Giants a lot. The number of games he missed with a hamstring and a hip pointer last year do make me wonder if he quit on his team. Maybe not, how could you ever know, but that part was weird. When he was on the field, he was a force.

  25. Say what you want about the Lions, but Golladay was a great draft pick. Sounds like the deal is more like a 4yr $13M/avg per yr, and he’’s worth every bit of that despite his bad hip last year.

  26. Jones can flat out throw the ball given protection. Those on you knocking him obviously haven’t watched him play. He is particularly adept at throwing the deep ball. I see the giants now going o line in the draft to keep building. My guess is slater from northwestern

  27. I’m pretty sure most of us never actually saw him play before – I know I didn’t.

  28. The O line still stinks. Hard to catch passes when Jones will be running for his life. Gettleman is the worst GM in the league.

  29. Blah,blah played only 5 games. How many dudes have gotten a big payday after an injury? You could probably start a team with the guys this year alone. Now I have more issue with them paying OBJ similar money and then trading him only to swallow their egos and cough up the same for a lesser guy.

  30. Lions fan. G made a huge difference to Stafford when he was on the field. Stafford knew that even if he looked covered, he actually wasn’t. I hope Jones can get used to that. Although I’m not devastated, because they say WRs are easy to find. I guess the Lions are about to find out.

  31. He was never put on injured reserve which would indicate the team thought the injury wasn’t as serious. Looks like he pulled out like a college player preparing for the draft. His tweet about someone about to get paid really seems to confirm that.

  32. Sharp play after careful maneuvering by the underrated Dave Gettleman. The division and playoff greatness are there for the taking.

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