Lawyer denies suggestion of collusion with Texans

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During the opening remarks of his Friday afternoon press conference, lawyer Tony Buzbee addressed widespread speculation regarding a suspected connection between the claims made against quarterback Deshaun Watson and his current employer, the Houston Texans. Some think either that the Texans instigated the lawsuits or that Buzbee has taken the cases as a favor to the team.

There has been no evidence whatsoever to support these conspiracy theories. Buzbee nevertheless chose to confront the question directly.

“I need to dispel some silly rumors,” Buzbee said. “Yes, I live on River Oaks Boulevard and I live near the McNair family. I don’t know the McNair family. I wouldn’t recognize Cal or Hal or whatever his name is if I saw him on the street. This case has nothing to do with the Texans. Has nothing to do with free agency, the timing, I don’t know anything about that silliness, and I frankly don’t care about it. The Texans are not a team that I follow.”

It’s hard to believe that Buzbee doesn’t know that Cal McNair’s name is “Cal McNair,” or that Buzbee doesn’t know what Cal McNair looks like. Taking such an extreme position calls the credibility of the denial into question, and it invites curiosity as to whether he’s opting to throw as much dirt as possible on any potential connection, going so far as to feign ignorance of Cal McNair’s first name.

As Houston native Charean Williams said on Friday’s PFT PM, everyone in Houston knows who Tony Buzbee is, and everyone in Houston knows who Cal McNair is.

Although it seems incredibly far fetched to think that there was any type of collusion or coordination or communication between Buzbee and anyone from the Texans, Buzbee’s effort to suggest he’s not even aware of the name of the man who currently runs the team activates the so-called crap filter, and it at should prompt Watson’s legal team to engage in at least a cursory examination as to whether there’s something there.

These questions are completely independent of the issue of whether actionable assaults were committed by Watson. It’s entirely possible that Watson engaged in misconduct with one or more (or all) of the 22 women who contend that assaults occurred and that there was some sort of collusion or coordination between Buzbee and the Texans.

Any such collusion or coordination would not excuse Watson’s behavior. However, it would introduce another layer to the story, and it would invite criticism and scrutiny of whoever from the Texans worked with Buzbee — if there’s ever any evidence that such things happened.

Again, there’s currently no evidence of any collusion or coordination. Buzbee nevertheless legitimized the rumors by addressing them on Friday. By saying what he did, he possibly fueled them.

59 responses to “Lawyer denies suggestion of collusion with Texans

  1. So you are trying to legitimize what you are calling a conspiracy theory?
    Also, you think the texans would intentionally tank his trade value when they could easily get 3 first round picks for him? Really?

  2. It sure smells like a smear campaign especially with no criminal charges being filed with the Houston Police Department.

  3. This is the dumbest conspiracy out there.

    The Texans gain absolutely nothing from this.

    Guilty or not, it doesn’t increase the odds of him staying.

    Guilty or not, it decreases his trade value.

    If he’s guilty they probably release him, especially if it turns criminal. Then they get nothing for him.

    So why would they be pulling the strings behind the scenes?

  4. Sure he doesn’t. These are the Texans we’re talking about. This guy is as low rent as you get. Like one of those lawyers you see with the tacky commercials in your city, and we all know which ones I’m talking about.

  5. I don’t want to completely dismiss these allegations because this stuff does happen every day to women, but so far this whole thing seems like a cash grab. If actual evidence/proof is presented I’ll gladly withdraw that statement but so far that’s what this whole thing seems like.

  6. There’s no evidence of collusion between McNair and Buzbee, but that won’t stop this intrepid football commentator from promoting that narrative with nothing but an outright denial to support these suspicions. Lol. Well done. Fantastic work you do here.

  7. This is just common sense. Why would the Texans want any bad publicity for their face of the franchise OR Why would the texans destroy his trade value if they were willing to make such a franchise defining trade

  8. This is beginning to become very interesting. As we get more, we know less. From various angles this is not typical, and is beginning to feel like the first couple chapters in a novel. We wait for the next chapter…

  9. “There has been no evidence whatsoever to support these conspiracy theories.”

    Correction: There has been no DIRECT evidence whatsoever to support these conspiracy theories. There is, however, a significant amount of CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence to support these conspiracy theories.

  10. This just got even more interesting.

    As soon as someone proves this lawyer was/is/could be a fan, his remarks become complete BS.

    Guy took a strange stand that could ruin the credibility of this whole lawsuit.

  11. This Buzbee (or whatever his name is) character instigated the lawsuits, The only reason is money. It’s a gravy grab for the greedy lawyer and nothing else.

  12. The fishiest thing to me about all of this is how quickly all of these accusers came out of the woodwork. Usually these things accrue over time as more people come forward. Right off the bat Buzzbee had a stable of accusers and it went from zero to 100 in no time.

    Just seems odd and off in some way.

  13. I hope the Panthers have enough common sense to stay far away from Watson. Who knows, he might not even be playing in a year. Who needs all of this negative press – sorry Houston. Bet the Texans wish they would have grabbed one of those big offers before.

  14. What’s sad is the whole dog and pony show following these allegations. At the end of the day the focus should be justice for the potentially sexually assaulted women yet it feels like this guy is doing everything he can to boost his own profile. From saying the police contacted him, which they refuted, to not knowing the owner of the Texans despite openly campaigning for them to draft a certain player. This whole thing is a mockery of the American court system

  15. I have no idea who Sal McNabb is. Is that his name? Never mind that we live down the street from each other and run in the same circles in Houston. By the way, he actually ran for Houston mayor, so if you believe that a prominent lawyer in Houston who ran for mayor doesn’t know one of the sports owners, even in passing, I got some swampland in Florida I’ve been holding onto for the right moment to sell. The NFL needs to start looking into this slimy organization and what in the world is going on over there. It takes a lot to scare a franchise QB from town.

  16. Buzbee… isn’t he the one that took out the billboard back in 2014 encouraging the Texans to draft Johnny Manziel? Yeap. He was. I think someone is protesting too much.

  17. Everything about this lawyer stinks and reeks of arrogance.
    These allegations may very well be true or at the very least have some merit. But social media and press conferences is not how a case and lawsuit is handled. When you are constantly posting comments and speaking into a microphone that just screams attention seeking to me.
    I hope that they all go to trial and the REAL dirt comes out about the women and also Watson.
    There will be other men coming forward to say they got a happy ending from some of the same women except they were not rich and famous so the women never did anything about it. When the discovery portion of these lawsuits become public there is going to be some seriously funny stories I am sure.
    I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many other players and massage therapist that end up in the news with similar stories.
    Get your popcorn ready haha

  18. I don’t think the Texans would like Watson to be suspended or potentially jailed.

  19. “The Texans are not a team that I follow.” Aha! So it must be a sabotage by a team that he does follow. And what other team is in Texas? Yep the Cowboys. Should have known!! (Joking)

  20. The guy is a shyster plain and simple. He went to the Saul Goodman school of law.

  21. The Texans digging up a woman? Sure. I’ll buy into that conspiracy.

    The Texans digging up 22 women!? I don’t see it. It’s only a matter of time before the wrong people catch wind of this and drum up public outrage to the point where Watson may not even see the field in 2021.

  22. To all the people saying the Texans don’t benefit from this:

    1) when the breakup occurs the Texans will seek repayment of 10s of millions of signing bonus money (which also affects their salary cap). Having a high profile case against Watson makes that much easier to do.

    2) The Texans can force him to stay by creating conditions where no other team wants him. If no other teams want him due to the smoke generated by the lawyer, then his agent tells Watson there are no other teams to go to. That means it’s much more likely he will stay and play for the Texans.

    Also it’s 100% consistent with Easterby’s past behavior of intimidation of employees.

  23. This lawyer seems to like to throw out a lot of details about his own wealth in every statement. Seems like his address, or how much cash he has would have much less to do with this case than the Texans, who employ the target of his lawsuits.

  24. Has Buzbee provided the Houston Police with any direct information, or victim statements so they could conduct interviews and open an investigation? No, then this is not about convicting a criminal. It’s about a cash settlement.

  25. He lives on the same street as McNair but don’t know what he looks like? How many times have we heard these over the top denials. Then photos of them together pops up. 🤔

  26. I don’t see what the benefit of this is for the texans? Watson is less tradeable now… Are people saying their intention is to spite him so he becomes toxic and is therefore FORCED to play for the Texans b/c they’re the the only franchise toxic enough for it to be a match (no disrespect to the Jets)? Why are people so desperate for conspiracy theories? Believing in every conspiracy theory you hear about seems to have become just a normal part of life for a certain percentage of Americans (you know which percentage i’m referring to).

  27. As far fetched as it sounds, don’t count out Jack Easterby being behind the curtain. If the SI article paints an accurate picture of him, there’s plenty of room to allow for the idea. He wants everyone within his spheres of influence to dance to his tune whether they realize they’re even doing it. If it serves his purpose to leverage DW back into the Texans fold, he’ll have no problem taking whatever measures he deems necessary. Oh, and in the end if he can make himself look like either the hero or the sad victim to gain praise or sympathy, he’ll take take that to the bank as well.

  28. I’ve been trying to figure out any way that this benefits the Texans. I can’t come up with a way. Watson is currently the face of the franchise. That is badly tarnished now. He has less trade value. He might be suspended for this. This is very bad for the Texans. Why would they be behind it? And if they were behind it, I would think it would be hard (and unnecessary) to find 22 women to lie for the conspiracy.

  29. If you’re not a football fan it’s completely reasonable to not know the owners name. Or what he or she looks like. Saying otherwise is wrong.
    Let’s see how this plays out but things aren’t looking good for Deshaun right now.

  30. Lots of contradictions as of Buzbee:

    1) Right from the beginning, he said he had text messages that would prove Watson’s
    liability. This was not the case. So, in a sense, you could argue this is defamatory.
    2)He said he contacted Watson’s lawyer 1 month before filing the first civil charge, to
    seek a settlement and avoid public scrutiny. Once he saw his strategy fell short, there
    he goes on a public crusade, as the defender of the poor and the oppressed, taking shots
    at everybody beyond all ethical restrain. The complete opposite. From a behavior
    standpoint, this is questionable.
    3)Contrary to his claim, the Houston Police are unaware of any contact with him in regard
    of the situation. The problem I have with this karaoke lawyering, is the fact that
    Buzbee is using the public scene to undermine the right of Watson to get a fair trial.

  31. Why would you solicit so many different masseuses? Isn’t that the greater question? Every team has one and I am sure players pay for one off site when they need one, but they would likely just have one they like.


    22 women are risking their lives for craps and giggles? I don’t think so.

  32. This is getting very strange. I don’t think the Texans even want to trade Watson now. I think they want to destroy him.

  33. We’ll see how this plays out and if Watson has done these things then he should suffer the consequences. However there are two things that are questionable to me. First if there really are 20 women then why have they all picked the same lawyer? It’s hard for me to believe that not one of them found a different lawyer. And second, I really don’t like that this lawyer said he wanted to deal with this privately without involving the police. Really? If Watson is truly the monster you say he is then you don’t want him to go to prison, just pay a bunch of money with nobody ever finding out? That is reprehensible.

  34. It benefits the Texans because Easterby is spiteful, and he wants to inflict pain on Watson for further exposing what a clown show is going on down there. I mean I can only think of the Bengals as a team that made a franchise QB quit, and their issues are well documented. Before this, Watson was indisputably the most popular athlete in the city, especially since James Harden is gone. Now, that popularity takes a hit and makes it easier to swallow for the easily duped parts of the fan base to swallow when they trade him. It also possibly messes with his other income streams from endorsement deals if companies back away while this gets sorted out.

  35. rohinaz says:
    March 20, 2021 at 1:28 am
    So you are trying to legitimize what you are calling a conspiracy theory?
    Also, you think the texans would intentionally tank his trade value when they could easily get 3 first round picks for him? Really?
    I have no problems believing the depths of stupidity the Texans’ front office can reach.

  36. Buzbee can deny knowing the McNairs until pictures and emails pop up showing them at parties or doing business together. It like like they probably run in the same circles in Houston…

  37. It is easy to say the Texans have nothing to gain without any critical thinking. However voidable languages very often found within NFL contracts could have massive implications. From guaranteed money, to cap charges, to possibly even recovered cash as well as potentially making the messy organization look like a victim. If they were involved they could theoretically still have a lot to gain albeit less draft capital.

  38. I live in Houston, watch loads of football and have never seen the man in my life. I’ve also never heard him interviewed on the Texans flagship radio station. I’d say I haven’t seen >50% of NFL owners in photos or on camera.
    Also remember Cal’s dad was the original owner and nobody cared when the kid took over.

  39. This is just common sense. Why would the Texans want any bad publicity for their face of the franchise OR Why would the texans destroy his trade value if they were willing to make such a franchise defining trade

    If you believe the silly theories presented in this article I have an answer: voiding his guarantees for violating the personal conduct policy. But I do not believe there is any relationship between the team and lawyer. I just think Watson is the most overrated, never-was in the NFL.

  40. Buzbee,the guy who took out a billboard asking the Texans to draft Johnny Football knows little to nothing about the Mcnairs despite living near them?

    Then you also have the tweet from Houston PD saying they haven’t been in contact with him.

  41. The whole situation is pretty strange, I don’t really know what to think. 22 women coming forward is pretty damning, but the fact that not a single one went to the police is pretty suspect too. Oh well, let the courts figure it out.

  42. So far there has been multiple fabrications exposed already. He claims there are 22 victims but already tried to spin it that they may not all be comfortable pursuing. It really puts into doubt the number of accusers as well. So far Buzzbe is the only one being exposed repeatedly. If Deshaun is guilty he should pay but he is trying to form the opinion of a potential jury long before trial for a reason. That reason is likely to be his evidence is incredibly lacking.

  43. rohinaz says:
    March 20, 2021 at 1:28 am

    So you are trying to legitimize what you are calling a conspiracy theory?
    Also, you think the texans would intentionally tank his trade value when they could easily get 3 first round picks for him? Really?

    Yes. This is the team [owner] that traded DeAndre Hopkins because he had children by multiple women, not to mention all the other questionable decisions made in the last 3 years… so if you’re asking me do “I” think they’d do something as petty as this, ABSOLUTLY.

  44. There’s a big spotlight on the judicial system in this case. The judge is going to throw it out in a heartbeat. This stinks to high Heaven.

  45. I have said from the outset something feels sketchy about this. I will say it again. Now, do I think it is a massive conspiracy between the Texans and a low-rent PI attorney? Meh, although to those saying who would gain? Sorry the Texans with zero trade value do gain because it shuts Watson up pretty quick and likely ends all talk of not playing. Plausible, just not probable in my book. But then this is the Texans we’re talking about.

    It’s all suss to me.

  46. Why would the Texans want to destroy his trade value? Simple, they want to keep him like they have said all along.

    If he is found innocent, or guilty and suspended for a year, do you think the Texans would move on from him?

  47. smokeybear says:
    March 20, 2021 at 12:13 pm
    I live in Houston, watch loads of football and have never seen the man in my life. I’ve also never heard him interviewed on the Texans flagship radio station. I’d say I haven’t seen >50% of NFL owners in photos or on camera.
    Also remember Cal’s dad was the original owner and nobody cared when the kid took over.


    I find it disingenuous that you haven’t seen every NFL owner in a cutaway during a game broadcast or on PFT. I’m also guessing that you know most of your neighbors names or faces.

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