Lawyer handling Deshaun Watson cases intends to submit package of evidence to Houston Police


Lawyer Tony Buzbee admits that the Houston Police Department has not contacted him regarding the various lawsuits that Buzbee has filed on behalf of multiple clients who allege sexual assault against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

However, Buzbee says he was texted by a police detective, and that Buzbee intends to submit information to the authorities regarding the various incidents.

“HPD, for whatever reason, claims now they haven’t had contact with me regarding the Deshaun Watson situation,” Buzbee said on social media. “I guess, technically, they are correct. The truth is, a detective I know reached out to me. And I’ve made clear that when my clients are ready we will submit a package to the police. Competence HPD!”

Buzbee attaches a screenshot of his text chain with “Detective.”

“Hey Tony, I read about your lawsuits with Watson. Do your clients need a criminal investigation done on these incidents?” the “Detective” asks.

“Looks like I will have 9 clients total,” Buzbee responds. “I intended to have each do affidavits and then file [formal] charges.”

“OK, let me know if I can help you get to the right people.”

Absent objective proof to corroborate the claims made, each situation becomes a dispute between two individuals. It will be very difficult for a prosecutor to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

In civil court, the standard of proof is much lower. Thus, even if Watson is never prosecuted, he still could be found legally responsible for civil assault.

Regarding the issue of objective proof, Buzbee has produced no further text messages beyond the two screen shots that were published on Thursday night. Thus, while the civil claims definitely will proceed and each plaintiff could prevail, a successful criminal prosecution currently seems unlikely.

13 responses to “Lawyer handling Deshaun Watson cases intends to submit package of evidence to Houston Police

  1. The detailed allegations are gross and numerous. Innocent until proven guilty, but pro athletes have been penalized for a lot less.

  2. Deshaun can save a lot of money. He doesn’t even need a lawyer. This case is going to get laughed out of court. If anyone is going to jail, it’s going to be the people that are seeking financial gain.

  3. Moral of the story: Don’t ask for a trade from a team that doesn’t want to trade you. For any reason.

  4. I’m a retired detective. The only ‘paper trail’ one leaves is to CYA. Kind of a career ending move if I’m in charge of the HPD. First name basis to you and uses his title for him? Really? John Q Public might not know but again, career ending move. Detectives are one step up from the bottom of the food chain and completely disposable.

    RULE NUMBER ONE in detective-land is if they don’t call you, you don’t call them, unless ordered. Detectives CLOSE cases, not seek them out. You don’t think this is on the HPD radar? Um, complainant needs to call not a CIVIL defense attorney. Doesn’t work that way.

    So, I call BS as does any other investigator reading the above…

  5. The timing of all this is so suspect. If this is real, 12 women (up to 22 women) being victimized must have happened over a significant period of time and the Texans (McNair, Easterby) must have been covering it up until Watson came out against the team.

  6. Another “he said/she said”. Ezekiel Elliott was never arrested nor charged and despite evidence showing the alledged victim fabricated her story, attempted to encourage a friend to lie to authorities, and investigators believing in Elliott’s innocence. Zeke was unjustly slapped with a 6-game suspension.

    How many games will the commissioner suspend Watson?

  7. He’s a great player BUT has a Bigger contract than Goff, facing dozens of accusations and faces almost certain suspension. Maybe Houston can unload him by throwing in 2 first round picks or will they just cut him hoping someone signs him?

  8. This attorney is not doing anybody any favors. He’s making it worse for victims to be heard.

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