Marcus Williams signs Saints franchise tag

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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Saturday is proving to be a busy day for safeties named Marcus signing franchise tags.

Shortly after word broke that Jets safety Marcus Maye signed his tender, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that Marcus Williams signed his tender from the Saints.

Both players are now guaranteed to make $10.612 million this season. Williams and the Saints can keep working on a longer-term extension through July 15.

Williams has 246 tackles, 13 interceptions, one interception return for a touchdown, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and a sack in 60 regular season starts for New Orleans. He also has 38 tackles and an interception in seven playoff games.

With Williams and Maye signing their tags, every player who was tagged earlier this month has now either landed a long-term deal or signed their tags for the coming season.

4 responses to “Marcus Williams signs Saints franchise tag

  1. If Williams signs long term they should have a clause in his contract that states he loses 200k every time he doesn’t wrap up when tackling. I’m a Saints fan but I have to say that this guy didn’t learn his lesson from the Vikings game.

  2. all the people giving Marcus grief for the Vikings game forget that he was the one who made the INT earlier in the game to even get the Saints in that game to begin with.

  3. Marcus is 24 years old. 13 int. He’ll finish with 40 before his career is over.

  4. What he did to end that Viking playoff game defies description, missing the tackle and taking out the corner.
    I’m a Viking fan and that play actually bothers me, because it was so poorly played, and looked like he almost did something on purpose.

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