Matthew Stafford: Want to be a Ram for a long time, but no contract thoughts now

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During his first press conference as a Rams quarterback, Matthew Stafford was asked a question about how long he thought he would continue playing in the NFL.

Stafford said he’s 33 and doesn’t “see the end right around the corner or anything like that” as he prepares for his first season in Los Angeles. Stafford also said he hopes to play for the Rams for “a long time,” but said nothing’s been talked about regarding a contract extension that would ensure that happens.

“As far as in writing goes, I’m not too worried about it,” Stafford said. “My job No. 1 first and foremost, is to play at a high level to help this team win football games. That’s what I’m focused on at the moment. I’ve got a lot on my plate, to be honest, with trying to learn this offense and learning the team. So that’s the biggest and most important thing on my mind. All that other stuff will take care of itself. At the moment, I’ve got two more years left on my deal, so I’m just going to play and let all that other stuff take care of itself.”

Stafford’s deal has a cap hit for the Rams of $20 million this year and $23 million next year. An extension could bring those numbers down, but it doesn’t sound like it’s a top priority this offseason.

7 responses to “Matthew Stafford: Want to be a Ram for a long time, but no contract thoughts now

  1. The true test of if he’s accepted in L.A. is the reception he gets when he shows up at a Dodger game. If they cheer him, it’s all good.
    If they boo him, then he’s got his work cut out.

  2. Before talking new contract how about playing a full season with your new team.

  3. Remember he was willing to stay in Detroit IF they had kept his OC Daryl Bevel. Before that he insisted his OC Jim Bob Cooter stay on the team. So to hear “I’ve got a lot on my plate, to be honest, with trying to learn this offense.” theta gotta make Ram fan nervous. Can’t see McVay bowing to Stafford and bringing in his own OC. Could get ugly fast in LA.

  4. I would ask for a new deal right now! Something like Dak got in Dallas cuz you are going to suck.

  5. Rooting for Stafford. Tough, talented guy. The pieces are in place for him. Let’s see what he’s got

  6. If the Rams are waiting for him to complete his first season before extending him, I agree with that move. I think he’ll be great. Having a gunslinger QB will open up Sean McVay’s playbook. But let him prove himself before breaking the bank.

  7. If you’re a reporter at a new QB’s first press conference, wouldn’t you be a little bit better prepared so that you can ask a meaningful question? I mean seriously, what did you expect him to say? I want to test free agency as soon as possible?

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