NFL has opt-out rights in all new deals after seven years

NFL: SEP 17 Seahawks at Bears
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The NFL indeed has the right to opt out on a one-time basis from each of the new TV deals.

Per a source with knowledge of the transactions, each contract gives the league the ability to pull the plug after seven years.

It’s a safe bet that the league will exercise the opt-out rights, under each deal. The game undoubtedly will continue to grow in popularity over the coming years, especially as more and more states adopt legalized sports betting. The real boost will come when the technology is implemented to show in homes and bars exactly what it happening in stadiums, allowing for in-game, play-at-a-time betting from mobile devices.

That’s when the revenue will explode. That’s when the NFL will be able to rip up the remaining TV deals and seek to double them again.

Even if the new deals are backloaded from a revenue standpoint, the league surely will be able to get at least the same numbers it currently has secured for those years, barring something unforeseen that causes interest in the game to crater or the economy to collapse.

7 responses to “NFL has opt-out rights in all new deals after seven years

  1. If only the NFL would initiate an IPO…can anyone tell me why, as paying fans, we can’t publicly trade on what is a business model that is about to pop AGAIN😕

  2. I mean, that’s stock that all of us want to get our hands on, yet it’s privatized.. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but the NFL is America’s game and we should be able to trade on it, not the sports betting that they want to implement. NFL fans should have the right to invest in their respective team.

  3. I don’t bet on NFL games.

    Will my cost to watch games go up a lot in a year?
    In 7 years?

    I watch the NFL on cable. If the sports fee becomes too high, or I have to watch some game son paid streaming, such as Amazon Prime, I won’t be willing to pay all that. How many NFL fans are like me?

    I would be sad but I wouldn’t be willing to pay hundreds of dollars extra to watch the NFL.
    If they can’t make enough of commercials, and want to gauge us, then maybe the non-bettors don’t pay. I’ll have to use one of those crappy streaming feeds by friend uses to watch out of town games.

  4. That’s why I’m saying, rather than gouge your fan base, EMPOWER THEM!! If they turned this thing public the interest and $$ will just balloon exponentially, they have so many overpaid dudes in those offices that don’t get that?!?!? I’d call it a microcosm of #America2021 but that seems like low hanging fruit🤷

  5. And to think some sites not saying any names…..said what a mistake it was to play during Covid.

  6. Spin it however you want. This is not about becoming too successful, it is about failure of the brand. Football is not becoming more popular. Gambling will make is less popular as we start to see games being thrown and players betting on their team to lose (i am sure it is already happening). The nfl is making a lot of mistakes by thinking people will never turn it off. People are already turning it off.

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