Rob Gronkowski has $8 million deal, with up to $2 million in incentives

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Another day, another $10 million deal that isn’t a $10 million deal.

Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski supposedly signed a one-year, $10 million contract to stay with the team for a second season. Per a source with knowledge of the contract, it’s actually a one-year, $8 million contract with up to $2 million available in incentives.

The contract pays out a guaranteed base salary of $1.75 million and a guaranteed roster bonus of $6.25 million due April 1. With four voidable years, the roster bonus presumably will be treated like a signing bonus, reducing the cap charge in 2021 to only $3 million.

The incentives are based on factors like receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns, team performance, playing time, and playoff incentives. The contract automatically voids if Gronkowski remains on the roster on the 23rd day prior to the first day of the 2022 league year.

12 responses to “Rob Gronkowski has $8 million deal, with up to $2 million in incentives

  1. He’s loyal to Tom Brady nobody else would still be in retirement if it weren’t for him.

  2. touchback6 says:

    March 20, 2021 at 2:22 pm

    Massive overpay for what he does now. Hilariously stupid.
    And if Belichick signed him to the same deal(or twice as much for that matter) youd be saying “Massive steal for what he does. Hilarious how stupid everyone else is” so troll on loser

  3. Among today’s pass catching TEs, those who are good at it, Gronk is the closest to old school TEs like Mike Dika and Russ Francis. Most people forget that a TE is an offensive lineman, part of the smash mouth crew. Some, like Jimmy Graham, are just big WRs, maybe good at blocking DBs but are hopeless when going up against DLs and LBs. Gronk is effective against them, pass blocking and run blocking. Even on plays where he’s blocking, pass defenses have to account for him in case he does go into a delayed pattern. He’s worth the 8 mil.

  4. Did someone really say massive overpay ?
    Two TD’s in the Superbowl and almost a third. He and Brady hand delivered that trophy to Buccaneers personally.

  5. He’s better than Henry and Smith who got $12.5M/yr from that ingrate Belichick…He also outplayed Kelse in the Super Bowl (td’s v drops and garbage yds)…plus gronk blocks and the rest of these fools do stugots

  6. Dude blocks people backwards, catches td’s, and is a total stud. Keep the hate coming. The band is back

  7. whatever, 10 million, 8 million, all any fan cares about is that he’s signed for 2021.

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