Saints, Raiders will not lose 2021 draft picks for COVID-19 violations

2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007
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Despite reports during the regular season that the Saints and Raiders had been stripped of draft picks for violating the NFL’s COVID-19 policies, neither team has lost a pick.

Multiple reports during the regular season said that the Saints lost a seventh-round pick for a mask-less locker room celebration, and the Raiders lost a sixth-round pick for multiple violations. But that is not the case.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed to PFT that the Saints and Raiders did not have draft picks taken away.

“They are not forfeiting them,” McCarthy said. “Neither team will lose those picks.”

The league did not explain why the teams will not lose picks after all, but it appears that both teams appealed the discipline and got back the draft picks as part of the appeals process.

Two teams have forfeited picks in the 2021 NFL draft: The Patriots lost a third-round pick for members of the team’s media department filming the Bengals’ sideline, and the Vikings lost a seventh-round pick for a salary cap violation.

UPDATE: The Saints will forfeit a 2022 sixth-round pick. The Raiders were fined but will not lose a draft pick.

16 responses to “Saints, Raiders will not lose 2021 draft picks for COVID-19 violations

  1. So basically, the NFL is saying stop committing COVID violations, or we’ll say stop again!

  2. It’s okay to risk lives repeatedly, in direct violation of league rules and after several warnings, but you better not screw up your accounting for the practice squad! That’s some SERIOUS stuff there.

  3. Can we rename the patriots to the New England Asterisks… seems like most of there seasons have one anyway

  4. Teams that violated COVID protocols lost players for their games. That was actually the harsher punishment and enough for the rest of the teams to take notice. Pretty sure no team wanted to be in the same situation as Denver without a QB or Baltimore sitting 20 players.

    Unlike some gloom-and-doom naysayers here, the NFL SUCCESSFULLY put out a full 2020 season without a bubble.

  5. Sorry to say, these punishments were not about safety.
    They were about TV money.
    And since nobody lost any TV money, no one should lose draft picks.

  6. Did any player for any team wear a mask when huffing and puffing in the huddle? Very close contact with heavy breathing must be allowedby the league. Did any player on any team wear a mask when tackling or blocking someone? Did any player on any team wear a mask when fighting for a fumble? Football during a respiratory disease pandemic is necessarily a risk. Get over it or just cancel the season.

  7. It would kind of be hard to penalize some, but not others for the same exact violations.

  8. Only 32 players get selected in. 7th round. Teams can get undrafted players as good as 6th and 7th rounders

  9. Yet, the Ratbirds with their idiot strength coach will not lose ANY draft picks because the owner to Roger to play golf at Augusta…Yeah, that seems fair….

  10. @steelhere
    first of all you should learn to know what you’re talking about the saints and the raiders both had a choice and yeah they’re called the raiders they were giving a choice either be fine or lose a draft pick the saints took their sixth round draft pick the raiders took 800,000 fine so me and my big ass coach ing a player yeah must be about golf!! Read your facts before you come specially about my boys

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