Xavier Rhodes returns to the Colts


A year after cornerback Xavier Rhodes did a one-year deal with the Colts, he’s done another one-year deal with the Colts.

Per multiple reports, Rhodes has re-signed with Indianapolis.

Rhodes started every game in 2020 for the Colts, his first year with a team other than the Vikings. He had two interceptions and a touchdown last season.

Many thought Rhodes was washed up, based on his last year in Minnesota. But Rhodes re-established himself with the Colts. He’ll now spend another year with the team he joined last year.

5 responses to “Xavier Rhodes returns to the Colts

  1. He’ll have another pro bowl season. I can’t believe teams fell asleep on this guy. Usually you have to use a first round pick to snag a stud CB. CB is one of a small handful of positions I’d pay big money for the elite players.

  2. Rhodes was terrible in both 2018 and 2019. Sometimes a change of scenery or system can do a player a lot of good. Hopefully, it will go that way for Patrick Peterson.

  3. It’s amazing what coaches who can scheme to their players strengths can do. Why NFL teams hire guys like Zimmer with “schemes” but are completely clueless outside of those schemes I’ll never know.

  4. Rhodes on the Vikings was so bad.
    He held constantly, always played trail technique, and never turned his head.
    In the 2019 playoff against the Saints, Brees threw a 5 yard out, stared at the receiver with Rhodes watching, lofted it a little, and Rhodes waited for the catch and tackled the guy.
    I watched the play 3 times because it seemed unreal, but yup, he actually waited doe the catch instead of an easy pick 6.
    With his size and talent, it had to be coaching.
    Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, Hughes, Hill, all trail and swat and never know where the ball is. Unreal.

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